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Statement of Julian Jennings, regarding a cable car journey up the Untersberg mountain range in Austria.


Julian Jennings and his mother became closer after his father died of pancreatic cancer in 2001. In 2003 the two of them started to go on holidays together, mostly to mountains because Julian's mother loved them so much. For their 2012 holiday they went to Untersburg, Austria for the second time, where they got into a cablecar with Simon Fairchild.

Julian is afraid of heights and dislikes cablecar rides, although he has never told his mother. Two minutes before the car should have arrived at the top, it stopped without warning and thick mist enveloped it. Simon Fairchild opened the apparently locked door of the cablecar, winked at Julian, and fell backward out of it.  

The car began to move again, without coming to the top as it should have. It stopped very suddenly, and when it was done swinging the driver went to the door to try to close it. Julian heard something crawling along the cable and saw his mother looking at something behind him before she screamed. Something landed on the roof of the car and a long grey arm grabbed the driver out of it, after which the thing knocked on the roof and laughed. 

After some time the green light on the control panel came on and Julian managed to get to it and start the cable car again, and it arrived at the top of the track. No-one believed Julian when he told the police what had happened, and his mother refused to admit that she had seen the same things he did.


Simon Fairchild is especially disquieting to John because he takes so much joy in tormenting and killing people. John has not bothered to do any research on this statement and bemoans the fact that his assistants would not help him if he asked. He comes across Martin in the hall and tries to make conversation, but Martin seems uninterested and says he is too busy to talk.