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Statement of Naomi Herne, regarding the events following the funeral of her fiancé, Evan Lukas.


Naomi Herne has come to The Magnus Institute to give a statement in-person. Jonathan Sims originally attempted to record her statement digitally but was met with too much distortion; they are thus forced to have Naomi restart giving her statement onto a tape recorder instead, which Naomi scorns.


Naomi Herne is an introverted person by nature, her dad died when she was 5. She lived alone when she went to Leeds University, and whilst there her pastor, David, said he was worried about her, saying she would get lost. She got a first in her Chemistry degree and applied for a lab technician job in Woking, where she met Evan Lukas. They got on very well when they met and she felt a pang of loss when he went into the interview.

They dated and eventually moved in together, after a year she was more sociable than she had ever been. After 2 years she proposed to him and he said yes. Evan died on 22nd March 2015 from a congenital problem with his heart. After his passing, she regressed to being alone.

A week after Evan's death his funeral was held at his family's house, Moorland House, in Kent. He was not on good terms with them because they were extremely religious while he never had been. Naomi arrived and Evan's dad opened the door, he had a hard face as though drained of joy and affection, although he did resemble Evan. He said to her "My son is in there, he is dead", the only words he ever said to her. Inside the house, every member of the Lukas family had the same look in their eyes.

Evan was in a shiny oak casket in a perfectly tailored black suit, in death he had the same hardness as his family. An old man stepped forward and said "it's time for you to leave, the burial is a family affair. I'm sure you want to be alone." Naomi couldn't reply and felt compelled to leave, and she drove away.

She crashed at around 11:12pm, around 6 hours after she'd arrived at the house. In the pouring rain, she got out of the car and started to walk along the road. At some point, the rain stopped and thick fog gathered around her. She felt like it was almost malicious, like it wanted something. After a while she realised she'd left the road and there were a few trees scattered in the fog, along with gravestones.

At the centre of the gravestones she found a chapel with dark windows and a thick iron chain around the door handles. Naomi shouted for help and picked up a rock that had fallen off a gravestone, before noticing the grave was open and empty, as though ready for burial. The fog coiled around her and slowly dragged her towards the open grave. She managed to claw her way away from the grave and saw the chapel was now open.

Naomi ran to the door and saw that inside the chapel a field stretched out, bathed in moonlight with the same fog on the ground. Behind her, she saw the same field but without the moonlight. She knew she had to make a choice and fled away from the chapel. The fog got thicker and she ran aimlessly, before hearing Evan's voice saying "turn left". She did and was hit by a car. She woke up in hospital some time later.


When Naomi is finished with the statement, Jonathan Sims suggests she see a psychiatrist and she becomes angry.

The car that hit her was driven by Michael Getty, she was hit on 31st March near Wormshill in the Kent Downs. She was taken to Sittingbourne Hospital where she was treated for dehydration and concussion. There were no graveyards in the area and due to a storm, fog was unlikely. The Lukas family firmly denied any requests for information. Jonathan would dismiss the statement as the result of grief and concussion, except for the carved granite that Naomi has. It is supposedly from the graveyard and has on it the word "Forgotten". He is unable to trace its origin.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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    • The Lukas family is dedicated to serving The Lonely and reappears throughout the series.
  • The Lukas family are among the patrons of the Magnus Institute.
  • In MAG 17Elias reveals that Naomi Herne lodged a formal complaint against John for his behaviour towards her. He comments that he should avoid antagonizing anyone related to the Lukas family due to the above point.


  • This is the first episode to feature a live statement.