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Statement of Eric Delano, regarding his life, Mary Keay, and the Archives.


John contemplates his powers and what he is. He breaks into Peter Lukas' office and once more goes through Gertrude's tapes. John chooses a tape that he is not drawn to and finds it difficult to hold or press play.

Gertrude reads Eric Delano's death via garden shears at the hands of Mary Keay from a page of Mary's Leitner in order to summon Eric's bound ghost. Gertrude and Eric discuss Mary giving Gertrude his page, Mary's difficulty in disposing of his body, being bound to the book, aging, Gerry Keay, Mary's intent to bind herself to the book, and the mystery behind why Mary gave Gertrude the page.

Gertrude offers to burn Eric's page, but first she wants to find out why Mary gave her Eric's page. Eric reveals that he quit his job at the Archives months before his death. Gertrude expresses a great deal of shock and Eric seems a little surprised that neither Mary nor James Wright, the previous head of the Institute, told her. Eric's reaction to the revelation that Elias Bouchard is the new head of the Institute implies a large shift in Elias's personality at some point after Eric's death. Gertrude tries to get him to tell her how he quit and Eric revels in the power of holding something over someone else for once. He gives Gertrude the conditions that she must find and look after Gerry Keay and that she must take his statement.


Eric begins his statement explaining that he always loves the mystery of ghosts and that when he finished his mastery in library science, an assistant archivist position at the Magnus Institute seemed like a dream come true. For two years, the job was relatively enjoyable, and then he met Mary Keay. Eric found her dangerously beautiful, terrifying, and she made him aware of his blood. Mary asked him out and he loved the feeling of danger she brought into their relationship, although he tried to convince himself he was safe with her. At one point he found Mary sitting with a corpse she claimed was her drunk uncle. Despite all the horrible things Mary did to him, Eric does not feel that she ever betrayed him.

Eric does, however, feel that Gertrude betrayed him. Gertrude lied, gaslit, and made him complicit in The Eye's evils. He could not stand being a part of the Institute and wanted to protect his son. After their marriage, Mary explained the powers, the rituals, and Mary's own goals. Eric valued Mary's honesty. For two years, he tried to quit, in large part to protect Gerry. Once he figured it out and how to leave, Mary decided he was too much of a burden and murdered him.

After the statement is complete, Eric reveals the way to cut ties with Beholding is to destroy your eyes.


A tape recorder turns on in Martin's office and then John bursts in. John thanks him for the intervention and reveals that he has found out how to leave the Institute. He begs Martin to gouge his eyes out and to run away with him. He tells Martin that he does not want to do it alone and there is no one he trusts more. Martin refuses and says that John would not do it and that he only came to Martin because John knew he would refuse. He says that John only wanted a reason not to blind and potentially kill himself. John responds by saying that The Lonely has really gotten Martin and that John will always be there if Martin ever needs him but he implores Martin not to wait too long.



  • A few of Gertrude's lines just after Eric is summoned echo in the same manner as Eric's do, even though she is alive and not part of the book.