Original recording of the events leading up to the disappearance of Jonathan Sims, Martin Blackwood, Alice Tonner, and Peter Lukas.

Recording Edit

A recording begins with Martin Blackwood walking in the tunnels below the Magnus Institute, accompanied by Peter Lukas.

Martin expresses how uncomfortable he is about being there, and Peter mentions Tim, a conversation topic that Martin quickly dismisses. He then reveals that he has The Seven Lamps of Architecture, a Leitner that allows him to control the tunnel pathways. To demonstrate its power, against Martin's suggestions that this is not a good idea, Peter Lukas releases the NotThem that Jurgen Leitner had trapped in the tunnels. The NotThem insists they have some "unfinished business to take care of," and scurries off. Peter tells Martin that it will preoccupy the others and that they'll be fine... probably... and that, if he wished, Martin could leave the tunnels to help his peers. Martin says nothing.

A new recording begins. Daisy and Basira explain to John that Elias is no longer in jail and has walked out of his prison containment with little effort, which both overwhelms and bewilders him. John believes that Elias' disappearance coincides with the tape that was left on his desk and that Elias will be making a return to the Institute.

A new recording begins, joining Martin and Peter back in the tunnels. Peter tells him that they are now in the Panopticon of Millbank Prison, a significant site of power for the Beholding, and that he needs Martin's connections to both the Lonely and the Watching in order to learn more about the Extinction. Before any of this can occur, though, Martin needs to "dispose of the current occupant". Martin spots Jonah Magnus' body and realises that he is to kill him -- Peter tells him not to worry, though, because he has a knife! Martin questions, shakily, where Jonah's eyes are. Elias appears and insists Jonah's eyes are exactly where they've always been: "watching over [his] institute."

A new recording begins. Basira, Daisy and John are discussing the emergence of a new tape recorder on his desk, labelled 'play me!' and accompanied with a key to the tunnels. John wants to listen to it. Basira insists that they don't have the time to, but Daisy agrees with John that it could be important. Majority rules, and they play the tape.

It begins with the sounds of sloshing liquid, presumably gasoline. Jonah, in the body of Elias Bouchard, catches Gertrude in an attempt to burn down the Archives, and it is revealed that Jonah Magnus can transfer his consciousness to different bodies. Jonah cocks a gun. Gertrude insists that he makes a move, whether it be killing her or something else, and before she can finish her sentence, a gunshot rings out. Gertrude Robinson's last words are her acknowledging her death and claiming that she thought it would have hurt more.

Basira and John come to the conclusion that Elias Bouchard is, and perhaps has been, for a very long time, Jonah Magnus, and acknowledge his ability to 'bodyhop'. John wonders if Peter wants to help Elias or stop him. From afar, heavy, distant footsteps can be heard, and many screams of terror and confusion can be heard. Basira checks it out. The tape recorder clicks off.

A new recording begins. Peter asks Jonah what he's doing in the panopticon and Martin, utterly baffled, asks for silence, before asking what would happen if he were to kill him -- Jonah expresses, honestly, that he isn't sure, but he can guarantee that whatever happens will not be pleasant for him or his peers. He insists that Martin doesn't even care about his coworkers anymore, anyway, and attributes this to the Lonely: " that worrying just simply an old reflex? Goodness. Peter has done his work well, hasn’t he?" Laughing, Martin expresses that he would like to kill Jonah. Peter, ever the instigator, says that Martin and himself are the same, wanting to be alone and unjudged, and insists he'll like the Lonely. Martin agrees. Peter urges him to kill him, to help him save the world. Martin says no. The tape recorder clicks off.

Basira tells Daisy and John that Trevor and Julia have made a return and, at the same time, Not-Sasha appears in the Institute. John's thoughts immediately jump to Martin in the tunnels, and rushes away to search for him upon Basira's request. Daisy allows the Hunt to overtake her, and requests that Basira come and kill her when "it's all over". Basira promises that she will and runs. Trevor and Julia come to kill Daisy, but are taken by surprise as she snarls at them.

Back in the panopticon, Martin reaffirms that he will not kill Elias. He confesses that he only came to Peter because he felt like he lost everything -- his mother and John, namely, and for awhile Peter had him convinced that only he could stop the Extinction. It never sat right with him because Martin doesn't consider himself a chosen one. After acknowledging these suspicions, Martin begun to just pretend that he was overly attached to the Lonely and started telling Peter what he wanted to hear to distract him from harming John.

This entire time, Martin has been playing Peter like a cheap whistle.

Peter throws a hissy fit and then, eventually, fulfills his obligation and casts Martin into the realm of the Lonely itself.

John enters the Panopticon, where he is met by Elias. Elias advises that Martin has been taken into the Lonely by Peter Lukas. John determines that he must follow Martin and attempt to bring him back, although Elias advises that to willingly walk into the Lonely is effectively signing his own death warrant, and it is unlikely he will return. Static overtakes John.

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