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Statement of Peter Lukas regarding his life, family and interactions with The Lonely.


John has entered the Lonely, calling out to find Martin. Peter's voice fades in and out, taunting John and claiming that Martin does not want to be found.

Eventually, John begins to taunt Peter back, pointing out that The Eye and the Lonely are not so different and that Peter is not powerful enough to force him to leave.

John finds Martin, who asks why he came for him. John begs him to leave, but Martin refuses, stating that it "feels right" and "nothing hurts here". Martin states "I really loved you, you know," before disappearing. Peter returns and taunts John again. Peter tries to convince him to stay, and he pretends to agree before forcing Peter to give him a statement about his life.


Peter had four siblings and a deeply faithful mother. His father left when he was young, and Peter slowly lost all his siblings. His mother is alive, though Peter says he cannot remember her face. Two of his sisters left the family. His brother and other sister were sent away young, and never returned. Peter acknowledges that his mother may have lied and actually killed them, but he does not believe she was cruel enough. Peter was the favoured son, as he was naturally very lonely and kept to himself.

The Lukas family was wealthy, Peter states, but his upbringing was not very normal. His mother believed that friendship was dangerous. As he got older, he would periodically steal money from his mother and run away for days at a time. He acknowledges that, looking back, she probably left so much cash in her purse on purpose. He would walk the darkened streets alone in whatever town he ran away to, and would simply revel in the distance he put between him and his family. He hated when he would pass another person, wishing they would disappear; until one day, one of them did when Peter asked him to go away.

When he returned, his mother and a bunch of relatives were waiting. They took him downstairs and showed him their god, presumably the Lonely.

He describes the process of getting the crew together for his expedition to the Arctic, and how much he loved being alone in his cabin, so far from anyone except his crew. Eventually he meets Adelard Dekker, who tells him about The Extinction -- Peter believes that a world completely devoid of human life would defeat the purpose of the Lonely and what makes it so special to truly distance yourself from everyone, and hopes that if he can complete his own ritual, the Extinction will be stopped.

Peter invested in an apartment building in London, hoping to use it to summon the Lonely through a ritual he dubs the Silence. He creates the building to be extremely lonely; the first floors are empty, so the only people living there can only see people on the streets from a distance. There is an abundance of false doors, so that knocking on your neighbour's door will often get no answer. The rooms are small, with no room for more than a single bed and a small couch, and the kitchens cannot do much more than microwave. Each room has an office space with no door, so you cannot escape your work. He then rented each room out incredibly cheaply, but only to people who were predisposed to loneliness; recent college graduates who are new to London, recent divorcees, etc. He then planned to wait until their despair reached a maximum, lock them inside their rooms, cut the phone lines and internet, and leave them all to die.

However, Gertrude discovers this plan and tips off the Guardian newspaper, and the building receives much support from the city by being dubbed "The Loneliest Building in Britain". Though this ruins his ritual, now that he had had a taste of "the game", Peter was easily persuaded by Elias/Jonah to take over the Institute by promising him Martin.


Peter states that Elias had won, and that his prize is John. John tries to compel him to tell him what Elias plans to do with him, but Peter resists. With a boom of static, Peter screams and disappears -- John calls him stubborn, and it seems that John's powers have killed him.

After, John finds Martin again, who seems to be unable to see him. He once again begs Martin to come with him, who refuses. John asks him to look at him, and tell him what he sees. After a moment, Martin says "I see you, Jon", and begins to laugh with joy. John tells him that he knows the way home, and leads them out of the Lonely.


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