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The Tragedy of Francis, a comic puppet show in all acts. Recorded by The Archivist, in Situ.


John and Martin have travelled through a domain of The Web, which appears to be a large theatre venue of a sort, and they are about to leave. They have a very brief discussion in which John mentions that he needs to do a statement, and Martin asks if he has to as they have nearly left. John says it is not up to him and Martin understands, though he seems on-edge and unhappy.


The statement is presented as a play that is being performed onstage by Francis in front of a laughing audience. This is the 48,067th act of the play and it shows how Francis, who has recovered from drug addiction, is manipulated back into their addiction by a massive spider hanging above the stage.

Throughout the play various hooks attach to Francis, allowing the Spider to puppet them around the stage. Francis' parents, a friend, and a lover make brief appearances; their parents insults them, their friend says they do not smile when sober, and their lover tries to encourage Francis to take something with them. Francis repeatedly tries to turn away and leave but the Spider, talking to them throughout, continues to manipulate them into staying.

They end up sat before a table of various temptations, each one contains tiny spiders and Francis is puppeteered into drinking a bottle. With a cry of exultation the Spider’s abdomen ruptures, drowning Francis in a cascade of spiders.

The scene ends.


The next scene begins. John starts to narrate it but is then snapped out of it by Martin slapping him. Martin explains that he did so as it seemed that John had already done his statement and he thought he heard something. Martin says that he went exploring during the statement - John is worried and asks if he was compelled to do so, and Martin admits that he does not know if it was curiosity or manipulation that led him to explore. John offers to Know for him but Martin declines as he does not want John always looking in his mind.

Martin asks what The Web wants and John explains how though he can See that The Web has a plan, he cannot understand it. It is too intricate for him to comprehend the context or intention. He cannot see Annabelle Cane either. John asks if Martin would like to leave. Martin does, and so they leave.


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