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An examination of scale. Recorded by The Archivist in situ.


Something of an incomprehensible scale is blocking the sky and casting a shadow over Mehreen’s home. She knows it is coming closer and bundles her mother, husband, and daughter into a car to flee. But no matter how far she drives, they cannot outrun the looming shadow. Ultimately, the car breaks down and she runs, carrying her daughter with her. But no matter how far she runs, she cannot escape her inevitable doom.

Infinitely far above her, Edward clings to his place in the tapestry of humans that make up the impossible colossus. He is surrounded by bodies on every side and each step of the colossus forces them into new arrangements of human misery. As it starts to move again he suddenly finds himself in the open air, pushed out by the force of shifting bodies. He sees an edge nearby and painstakingly drags himself over to it, seeking an escape. The barren ground is a hundred miles below him and he knows he could never reach it. As he tries to back away from the edge the great colossus moves again and the force of it flings him out into the empty air.

He does not want to die as a smear on the ground and flails, seeking something to grab onto as he is falling. A hand grips his and he quickly makes his decision as he reaches out and allows himself to be pulled back into the colossus.


Martin wants to know how long getting through the Vast's domain will take, but John is unable to give a real answer. Simon Fairchild shows up and Martin wants John to smite him but John hesitates. Simon realises his life might be in danger and quickly leaves.

Martin is angry at John for not following through and John says that he does not want to smite people anymore. Helen appears and agrees with Martin that John should be smiting avatars. Martin admits that encouraging John to go on a murder spree was not a good idea, and the two continue on their journey.


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