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An examination of mental health care. Audio recorded by the Archivist, in situ.


Basira, John, and Martin are walking through a domain of The Spiral, which appears as a mental health facility called Wonderland House. Basira is eager to find Daisy but John states that she has already moved on from this place. They stop to have a conversation, during which John shares that he inadvertently caused the apocalypse and that Basira would not be able to kill him now (and doing so would not fix the world). Basira explains that when Trevor and Julia attacked the Institute, she lost track of Daisy and Julia; John shares that Daisy killed Julia, and Trevor had been hunting Daisy since.

Basira was still in the Institute when the apocalypse occurred, which she thinks protected her from the initial effects. Since then, she has been following Trevor, thinking he would lead her to Daisy so she could keep her promise to her. John also apologizes to Martin for using him as bait for Trevor.

John takes a moment to Know Daisy’s location, and Basira and Martin talk about what John and Martin have seen, their plan to kill Elias, and that Martin trusts John not to Know things about him. They set off on the correct route, and John stops, needing to make a statement. Martin explains the process to Basira and then states he will keep lookout, though Basira wants to listen in.


The statement is presented as a series of three second-person conversations, where a figure known as Dr. David speaks to a patient at Wonderland House. These conversations all contain similar themes, in which Dr. David overrides previous diagnoses and prescriptions, tells the patient that they are lying about their illnesses, belittles them, and gaslights them about their previous conversations. Only Dr. David’s portion of each conversation is heard but it appears that the patient attempt to protest, both verbally and physically. The overall theme of each conversation is Dr. David attempting to convince the patient that their mental health problems are not actually real.


After the statement ends, the three find a body, killed by Daisy – a figure Basira recognizes, a criminal named Noah Thompson who was arrested by Daisy, and dodged a criminal charge for blinding another man. John tells them that Noah blinded the other man in a panic when he was running away from Daisy; the court believed him, but Basira believed Daisy.

Helen appears and offers Basira a shortcut to Daisy through her hallways. Basira declines, stating that she will stay with John and Martin. Helen is disappointed but bids them farewell. John, Martin, and Basira continue on.


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