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An examination of industrial meat processes. Audio recorded by the Archivist, in situ.


John, Martin, and Basira are in a domain of The Flesh, which is a massive factory containing millions of real and fake humans. It feeds off the fear of you and your products being useless.

Martin attempts to communicate with one of the humans, and John reminds him that they cannot hear him. Martin argues that they are still human, to which John replies that most of them technically are not. He explains that the fear this domain feeds on requires massive agonizing queues, requiring far more people than the amount of humans inside the domain.

He says that around 1% of the beings they can see are real humans, and he can point them out if they want. Basira prefers not to know. She asks about the avatar, to which John replies that it is not anyone they have seen, and they are in the main processing room, somewhere none of them want to be. Basira asks about Daisy's location, and John replies that they are getting closer, she has been here, and to exit they need to pass another one of her victims.

John feels another statement coming on, and asks them to enter a storage closet while he reads it. Martin opens the door, and is disgusted and horrified by the instruments inside. He urges John inside while he and Basira remain outside. John obliges, saying that it could be worse; at least the hooks are clean.


Tyler waits in a line. He feels like he has been waiting there for years, and he cannot recall much of his life before being in the processing line. He wants to escape, but knows that attempting to do so will only lead to his body going to waste.

He approaches a desk, behind which is a person wearing a loose hood of coarse black leather, with a featureless mask of the same material without a gap for eyes or mouth or even the shape of a nose. They hand Tyler a form which he fills out by scratching in the information with his fingernails.

Tyler waits in another line for an indeterminate length of time before being lead into another room where he is weighed, measured, and branded.

Tyler waits in the final line, which seems to be much quicker than the others. In the room before the killing floor, Tyler uses a marker to mark cuts of meat on his body. Finally, Tyler is paralyzed and slowly dismembered by the butchers, who then throw his meat into the garbage and remark that he is useless.


The group finds the body of Daisy's latest victim, Isabelle Moran. John tells Basira that she needs to accept all the horrible things that Daisy did before she kills her. Basira gets defensive but says she knows that she ignored everything Daisy did. Basira says that she wanted to help people when she first joined the police, but seeing what people were capable of changed her, and she wanted to hurt those who she felt deserved it. She says that Daisy was always there for her.

Martin asks if Daisy's victims were innocent, and John explains that even the guilty ones didn't deserve what happened to them. Basira says that Daisy was trying to be a better person. John responds that although that was true, even Daisy had never asked him for forgiveness. John elaborates that he had never felt as scared in his life as when Daisy almost killed him in MAG 91. Basira asks John if he would've forgiven Daisy, John says he wouldn't have, but that Daisy knew what she did was unforgivable.

Basira acknowledges that she will have to kill Daisy. John tells Basira that Daisy is happy in her current state.