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Considerations of Justice. Audio recorded by the Archivist, in situ.


Derek stands in front of a furnace as a cart full of children's toy rolls down the track to him. They remind him of the toys he has bought for his daughter Tilly as he shovels them into the fire.

As he shovels the toys in he discovers that there is a corpse in the load and fears that it is Tilly. He finds it is an unnamed man he does not recognize that he then cuts up and shovels in the fire.

He thinks of his childhood friend Colin who helped him hide his abusive father's body and reminisces about how they "had each other's back" no matter what.

Derek hears Daisy who he recognizes. She then kills him and toys with his body as she eats him.


The group finds Daisy feeding on the corpse of her victim and plan to shoot her. They start arguing about it, causing her to notice them and attack John, biting his leg.

She recognizes Basira and asks her to join The Hunt with her. Basira realizes that she cannot get through to Daisy and shoots her several times, killing her.

John is saddened that Daisy did not recognize him despite their friendship after everything they went through together but he resolves to keep moving. Basira decides to stay behind to burn the body and split off from the group despite Martin's protest that they need to stay together.


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