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Considerations of grief and respite. Audio recorded by the Archivist, in situ.


John and Martin walk through a necropolis domain where Martin is worried they will get separated and encourages John to stay near him. John is in a hurry to pass through the domain because he realises that he does not know what is after it and is excited for a mystery.

Before they can pass through John realizes he needs to take a statement.


An unnamed statement giver walks through the necropolis, reading gravestones that praise and celebrate each person's accomplishments in life. Though the statement giver inwardly questions how virtuous the dead truly were, they fear that the stone angels around the necropolis might detect these thoughts and punish them, for the dead must be remembered as pure and good in this place. In an effort to escape the angels' gaze, the statement giver walks faster in an attempt to reach the gate at the end of the cemetery, but ends up at a funeral home.

They try to turn away, but are ushered in by the funeral director who leads them to a shrine and coffin surrounded by silent mourners. The coffin is open, and the statement giver recognises the body as the woman who abused them using religious faith.

They search for a way to politely leave, but are stopped by the funeral director. He leads them to the podium for them to say a eulogy, and they feel the eyes of all of the mourners upon them, expectantly listening for praise of the statement giver's abuser. They try to scream and let the mourners know the awful things that the woman did but end up giving a eulogy about how wonderful and loving she was while the corpse seemingly comes to life and starts to bite into their shoulder.


They appear to have arrived at Upton House of the National Trust where there seem to be real trees and peacocks. John is very pleased and mentions that he visited it once when he was twelve.

Inside the house, they are greeted by Annabelle Cane who leads them to Mikaele Salesa. Both John and Martin becoming overwhelmingly tired and collapse, asleep.

Salesa remarks that they will talk after the two wake up and have something to eat, saying that they have "all the time in the world."


  • Related Entity: The Necropolis does not have clear ties to a single Entity, but has commonalities with several.
    • The Buried: Inhabitants find themselves entrapped and entombed by both the physical structure of the surrounding tombs and the social impetus to not speak ill of the dead.
    • The End: The domain manifests as a necropolis full of corpses, and its inhabitants find themselves confronted with funeral services.
    • The Eye: Stone angels watch over the necropolis, ready to punish anyone who fails to show proper respect for the dead.
    • The Web: Inhabitants finds themselves compelled to speak of the deceased only in glowing terms, no matter what horrific acts they performed in life.
  • Mikaele Salesa was last mentioned in MAG 141, where he was assumed to have died in an explosion.