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Notes on healing. Audio recorded by the Archivist, in situ.


John and Martin walk towards a new domain after leaving Upton House. Martin learns that John stayed in the house longer than he should have to give Martin a chance to process what had happened recently.

They reach a new domain that takes the form of a hospital called "St. Bleedings Centre for Wellbeing" where Dr. Jane Doe greets them, presumably the ruling avatar. She identifies John as an inspector, come to evaluate the suffering she has inflicted, and takes them on a tour. The purpose of the facility is to destroy victim's wellbeing through psychological and physical torture. They notice a janitor who appears to be Breekon. John goes to an empty room to do statements.


(Note: This statement takes the form of a series of medical reports)

Jeremy W
Prognosis: Delightful
Last contentment: 8th July 2013, sunrise, on Arthur’s Seat Hilltop, Edinburgh.
Complaint: Generalized pain and creeping ennui.
Surgical procedures so far: 802

The medical staff wear masks and medical garb that covers their entire body. They put on a new layer of gloves when they touch Jeremy, despite the fact that the many layers should be cutting off their circulation. At one point he tried to escape, but through the window was a brick wall and a light that flickered on and off. When the light is on, the medical staff unlock the door to his room and mumble to themselves before asking Jeremy if he is well. He has to answer "yes" or "no". The staff leaves if he answers correctly, but if he is taken away for treatment when he answers incorrectly.

Renee T
Prognosis: Exciting
Last contentment: 27th November 2015, birthday party prior to father’s stroke.
Complaint: Facial paralysis
Surgical procedures so far: 560

Renee's care involves a member of the medical staff diagnosing her with a body part or organ. The treatment for this diagnosis usually involves surgery, at which point she is wheeled into an old-fashioned operating theatre to be observed by rows upon rows of doctors. Although the amount of anesthesia she receives varies from one procedure to another, a surgery consistently involves the doctors searching for the cause of her diagnosis, finding and removing it, then replacing what they removed with foul pastes or strange objects, some of which are alive. Renee is most terrified of the medicines they give her and tries not to take them, but they are forced into her body when she rests. She can no longer tell what has been caused by the treatments and what was already inside her.

Kelly M
Prognosis: Unwise
Not able to recall last contentment.
Complaint: Headaches
Surgical procedures so far: 220

Kelly is locked in a dark room where she waits for her next treatment. The last doctor told her they had taken her heart when they tore open her chest. She is sick by the thoughts of how tenderly they touched her when they did it. They had taken her down to the operating theatre, tore open her chest, and took something out of her that appeared to be a stillborn baby with her face. They replaced it with cold, glassy tubes that pump ice water into her that she can still feel as she contemplates how long she has been at the facility.


Breekon, acting as a janitor, approaches Martin. After a brief exchange, he realises that he delivered a package to him. He is still mourning the loss of Hope and decides to wait with Martin for John.

When John comes out, Breekon asks for John to kill him as he has no purpose in a world without Hope and ruled by The Eye. John agrees to kill him, and does so quickly. Neither John nor Martin know how to feel about it. They leave the hospital without finishing Dr. Doe's tour.


  • Related Entity: Primarily The Stranger with possible Flesh influences.
  • Martin accepted a delivery from Breekon and Hope in MAG 35.
  • "Jane Doe" is a placeholder name used in real life, primarily by the American government, when a persons name is either unknown or intentionally nondisclosed.[1][1]
  • The name is also similar to the ones used by the Stranger-aligned anatomy students in MAG 34 implying that she may be one of them, (possibly the student John Doe, which is the male equivalent of Jane Doe in terms of official placeholder names).
  • Furthermore, it might also be a reference to the 2016 movie "The Autopsy of Jane Doe", where surgery is performed on the body of an unidentified woman.[2] Both surgery and inidenfication are strong themes in MAG 182.