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Considerations of knowledge. Recorded by the Archivist in situ.


John and Martin walk towards the monument domain that appears as a strange cathedral that is reminiscent of the Institute. It is an homage to Robert Smirke and people like him who sought to categorize the fears.

Helen appears, saying that she wants to catch up after being unable to find them for a while. They do not tell her about Upton House. She antagonizes them about Daisy and Basira, telling them that Basira is currently moving though a "Void" domain. She then reveals that Martin has his own domain, which John has not told him about. She leaves them alone to talk about it while implying that she will be watching from a distance.

John Begins a statement on the monument while Martin walks off to think.


People run down stone halls, believing escape is just beyond the next corner. They have rotted gums and teeth, bloodied skin, and long matted beards and hair hiding the faces of confusion and fear. All of them believe that there must be a way out and that they are just at the edge of discovering it. Nothing is random so there has to be a pattern to it.

A man sits in the central chamber. He knows that it is the center chamber because he is there. He can not remember his name but he knows that he is a doctor and should always be addressed as such. He has been tracking the patterns of the light to determine which way is east and had written the formula into his skin with a piece of obsidian. Everyone else has been formulating theories that are wildly incorrect and he is the only one with the answer, he will be the first to escape. He follows his pattern to the door that should lead to his escape but finds a dead end that leads him to fall down a large set of stairs that inflict injuries that would kill most people.

He finds himself lying on the floor in front of a bloodied man who is a "professor." The doctor believes him to be a fake but the professor begins to explain his theory on how the types of rock that the monument forms will lead him out. The doctor laughs at him once he is healed enough but the professor snaps and bashes his head in with a piece of granite.


Martin returns and questions John about his domain. The world is now either watcher or watched and as Martin was an Institute employee and served The Lonely, he is now a "watcher." Martin is not sure if he wants to know about his domain or not but John tells him anyway. It is a small domain that feeds on the fear that that no-one will ever know of you and you will suffer in silence, and be mourned by nobody. Martin remarks that he is not an avatar but John explains that avatars are not really a thing. They are just a category made up by people like Smirke.

Martin asks about Daisy and Basira and why they did not have a domain, Daisy could tear through domains by hunting and so did not have her own and Basira has inherited this ability. John is not sure if she has a domain or not though. John finds himself constantly unsure of what amount of his knowledge he should share and what he should keep inside. He tells Martin about the crossroad they are approaching where they can either avoid Martin's domain by taking the long way around or they can go through it but have to face people they know.

Martin decides that they should go through his domain because he needs to face his journey. Martin tells John he loves him and John responds in kind.


  • Related Entity: The Lonely, The Eye, The Spiral, The Vast
    • Martin's Domain is a mix of The Eye and The Lonely
    • The Monument Domain is possibly a mix of The Eye, The Spiral and The Vast. However, given that it exists to mock those who would attempt to structure the fears and define them by labels like Smirke's, it is likely that no one Entity could be prescribed dominion over it.