The Magnus Archives Wikia

A case study on the administration of fear. Recorded by The Archivist in Situ.


Georgie leads John and Martin to the Panopticon stairs, which is surrounded by the old Archivists. Georgie leaves to return to her cult and her girlfriend. John and Martin begin the long climb to the top of the tower. The pair reach the top and meet Rosie Zampano, who is still acting as an assistant to Jonah Magnus. Rosie does not recognise them and firmly states that the two of them will need an appointment to see Magnus, but agrees to inform him that they have arrived. John and Martin leave to have a private conversation, and John feels the need to make a statement.


Rosie recalls her interview with Elias. He had quietly called her an upsetting nickname from her childhood while looking over her CV, but denied saying anything when asked. Rosie thought bitterly of Elias and of the interview, but was polite and pleasant when asked why she wanted the job.

At present, Rosie bears witness to the horrors of the new world. She considers calling Elias but decides against it and puts on a smile, fearing that she is being watched and scrutinised.

Rosie recalls two strange delivery men with a package for Jonathan Sims. They had been impatient and rude, and she decided to sign for the package and pass it on to Martin rather than call John to sign for it himself. Rosie was aware of John's insecurity and abrasive personality and wanted to avoid any confrontation with him, as well as indulge her own curiosity on what the delivery was.

At present, Rosie is certain that Elias is the reason why the world has changed based on what she has overheard from his office. He has had no visitors and they have not interacted since she clocked in, but she continues to smile.

Rosie recalls telling Elias of the Jane Prentiss attack in 2016. Despite receiving no calls or visitors, Elias was calm and dismissive of the building-wide evacuation order, which left Rosie suspicious and intent to find out more. She tried to listen in on a conversation between Elias and a panicked Sasha James, but was caught and returned to her desk.

At present, Rosie wants to tell Elias to stop in the hopes that he would change the world back, but is afraid of his anger and of losing her job. She pushes the thought aside and puts on a smile.

Rosie recalls Elias's meeting with Daisy, John, Tim, Martin, and Melanie. She wanted to warn them about Elias, but did not know what specifically she would be warning them about. She was too afraid to eavesdrop on the conversation, but after Elias instructed her to send away the police officers that arrived and the others had left the office looking utterly defeated, she knew she was working for something evil. Rosie was upset by the knowledge, but knew the depth of information Elias had on his employees and was too afraid of being targeted by him to change careers or confront him on his actions.

At present, Rosie wonders why does not simply ask Elias what is happening, as she knows he thinks well of her and is unlikely to be upset by the question. However, she is immobilised by her fear of the man and remains where she is.

Rosie recalls Elias's arrest, and how the tension and unease she felt in his presence had not lessened even as he was handcuffed. When Peter Lukas introduced himself as her new boss, the feelings had simply transferred onto him. She did not like this new situation, but felt that she owed something to Elias for his indulgence of her intrusions and was not in a position to leave.

At present, Rosie continues to act as Elias's assistant. Strange figures have asked to see him, but she simply gives a false, painful smile and tells them he is unavailable.

Rosie recalls Trevor Herbert and Julia Montauk's violent intrusion into the Archives. They had run past her without acknowledging her presence, and she went home knowing that Peter Lukas was dead and Elias missing. She waited there for a time but eventually returned to work, determined to know what was going on.

She stayed at work for several days, unable to leave until she understood what was happening. Finally, as Elias returned to his office and the world began to change, Rosie realised that any action she might have been planning to take was already far too late.


As John finishes, Rosie comes up to him and Martin, declaring they have an appointment. John and Martin enter the office, where Magnus is channeling all of the fear and pain in the world. Martin tries to confront him, but Magnus is unresponsive. John realises that Magnus's plan was successful, as he is the pupil of the Eye.