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Considerations of observation. Recorded by The Archivist in Situ.


John tells Martin that it might be a good idea for him to kill Jonah Magnus and become the Pupil of The Eye. Martin is horrified and demands to know why. John says that if he is the Pupil, maybe he can reshape the universe, make it more "fair." Martin tells him they would just be replacing one self-important avatar with another and forbids it. They argue for a bit and John goes outside for some alone time. He gets annoyed at all the cameras following him but realises the pointlessness of arguing with them and starts a statement.


The old man, whose name and relation to him Malcolm cannot remember, was dead. Malcolm feels relieved by this as, in life, the old man sat in his armchair and judged him harshly. He had been the only one who attended the old man’s funeral. Without him, Malcolm is now free to live his life and goes on an online dating site where he is still logged into a years-old account. He looks through several odd profiles until he finds Antonia, whose smile makes him feel warm all over with love, except for his right shoulder. He notices a lump there and unbuttons his shirt to look, fearing that it is a tumour or callous. Instead, it is an eye which starts to glance around the room. It looks at Antonia on the computer screen and sends a shock of disapproval through Malcolm, forcing him to unplug the computer. The eye closes, satisfied.

Malcolm is now in accident and emergency. Sitting on the uncomfortable waiting room bench, a mouth that appeared on the journey over now whispers to Malcolm, saying that the doctors will laugh at him. It also accuses him of killing it, calls him disrespectful and threatens to tell the doctors about Malcolm’s darkest thoughts. He leaves the hospital, vowing to cut it out of his shoulder himself instead.

He enters a supermarket and, with no available trolleys or baskets, gathers supplies in his arms – a kitchen knife, paper towels, disinfectant, vodka and ibuprofen. He notes that the aisles seem longer and that other shoppers look at him with disgust. His shoulder is now obviously swollen, even under his coat. An arm comes from under his coat and says “let me see, Malcolm. Let me see!”. With this, Malcolm drops all of his items, except the kitchen knife, and runs home.

Malcolm, in a lot of pain, drags himself across the floor in his flat. He cuts into his shoulder with the kitchen knife and screams. A body crawls from his wound and slowly drags itself to the armchair. Through this, Malcolm lays bleeding on the floor. He does not care about the pain anymore, he is only truly afraid of the old man in the armchair and he knows he will never be rid of him.


John reenters the tunnels to apologize to Martin, but instead finds Celia, who informs him that Martin left through a trap door with a woman matching Annabelle Cane's description.

John can't see where Martin and Annabelle are, as Annabelle has killed Mikaele Salesa and taken his camera. He talks to Melanie, and comes to the realization that Martin and Annabelle are going to Hill Top Road.