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An approach to hidden depths. Recorded by The Archivist in Situ.


John is rowing a boat across a body of water. He is breathing deeply, complaining, and wonders how much further he has to travel. He then stops and laughs humorlessly as he is compelled to make a statement.


A person is drowning in freezing water, too panicked and cold to swim properly. They are surrounded by darkness that seems to be consuming them, they begin to run out of breath and thought they are somewhat aware that they can not die, desire to breach the surface. They know that there is air at the surface but are so used to the darkness and drowning that they are scared to try and get to it. They decide to just pick a direction to swim in, hoping that they will find something other than nothingness. As they swim they notice a dark impossibly large near them, they brush against it and are cut on its rough skin, sending them into a panic. Encountering the figure solidifies the idea of swimming to the surface for them. They swim for an unknown amount of time and finally break the surface only to find that there is nothing. The water goes on forever with no sight of land, ships, or other victims. They feel as if the sky is watching them and is disgusted by it. They want to scream but know that that's what it wants. Despairing that above the water is no different they allow themself to sink below the water again.


John keeps rowing the boat until he finds Basira sitting on an island. Basira ask John how he found her until she herself realizes it is because of his powers. John docks and Basira gets in the boat with him. John explains he is going to look for Martin at Hill Top Road and that Melanie and Georgie are alive. He asks for her help and tells her about the camera Annabelle Cane has that keeps them hidden. Basira accepts.

When John starts rowing again Basira explains how she was in a maze of mirrors and somehow ended on that island and was thinking of starting to swim her way out of it as John tells her how that would have been a very bad idea. John complains about how his arms are sore from the rowing and Basira starts rowing instead after telling him he looks like crap.

Basira asks about Hill Top Road and John says that it was not a blind spot but it was like staring into an abyss. More importantly, he cannot see it at all at the moment, meaning Annabelle must be there with the camera.