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Navigating the descent, recorded in situ.


Basira, John, and Martin are walking back to London. Martin wants to discuss what Annabelle Cane said, but John says they should wait until London. Basira berates Martin for going off with Annabelle, but Martin says he thought that if there was a way to save John and the world, it was worth the risk. Martin asks which way they are going, and John says "forward." Martin and Basira are confused, as "forward" is an impossibly steep cliff with no visible bottom. Martin is upset, because he was looking forward to rowing. John tells him some routes are only one-way.

The trio descends down a rickety ladder, until John notices the ladder ends. Basira says they will have to jump, much to Martin's distress. Basira and John point out that it will hurt when they hit the bottom, but they will not die. As Martin protests, John realizes he needs to make a statement. Martin steels himself and hurls himself off the cliff, and Basira follows.


The victims climb the rickety ladder, desperately not looking down at how long the fall is, or up at how far away the top is. Sometimes people fall and those on the ladder swear to themselves that they will not fall. The falling victims are slow enough that you can see the terror in their faces. As the inhabitants climb, they realize they do not know which way is up and which way is down. They consider flinging themselves off the ladder to the solid ground, but when they look down they can see the hard, painful earth. The victims cling desperately to the ladder, willing themselves not to give in to the urge to jump.


John hurls himself off the cliff and lands hard at the bottom. Martin assures him the pain will go away soon. The three make their way to London, where they find Melanie and Georgie alone in the tunnels. They tell the trio that The Eye's servants took the cultists away, like last time. Melanie realizes Basira is there and the two hug. Georgie and Melanie are happy John and Basira got Martin back. They decide to get a drink and discuss Annabelle's plan.



  • Apparently, Martin enjoys rowing and feels he is rather good at it.