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Statements End.

Pre Statement[]

Jonathan Sims approaches Jonah Magnus in the Panopticon. He says that The Eye knows why he is here and Jonah falls to the ground, groggy. He cheerfully tells John he has been having the most marvellous dream, but John tells him it is over. Jonah wonders where Martin is, as he figured Martin would be the one to try and kill him. John tells Jonah that he has failed, that there is no immortality. Jonah thinks he knew that, deep down, but the time spent as the pupil has been so fulfilling, he does not really care.

John tells him to shut up, he is ending the world, killing The Entities once and for all. He tells Jonah he is looking forward to leaving the Entities Jonah served starving in a hell of their own creation. Jonah tells him that they both serve the Entities, but John says not anymore. Jonah begins to panic, admitting to John he is afraid to die. John attacks him, saying it is for Sasha James, and Timothy Stoker, and Gertrude Robinson, and everyone else. He stabs Jonah, killing him, and absorbs the Pupil's power.

Rosie Zampano comes in to check on Jonah but John tells her she is dismissed.


Once, there was Fear: the fear of predation, of the death it brought. And the fear became. And it began to want. The fear man gave it satisfied it. But as man grew, slowly, more fears began to feed the Entity: the fear of death from predators became fear of The Dark they lived in. And still man evolved, fearing what it did not know, that their eyes would lie to them or show them things they did not wish to see, that the fire they had mastered would burn them. As more fears grew, the Entity fractured, becoming many. And in their new forms, they found freedom, and more fears formed, the fears of insignificance and manipulation and war.

And as the fears grew, some humans did not recoil from them. They reached out, hungering for the fears as much as the fears hungered for them. The Entities gave them powers, and they fed their patrons. And eventually, the Entities could just barely touch reality. The Entities began to experiment with their new abilities, creating monsters that fed them even more.

The Entities became greedy, wanting more. Wanting to exist. The Avatars tried, but none of them managed to bring their gods into this world. The Fears simply could not conceive of being.

One, The Web, saw the truth. The Web could think and plan. It saw what would happen if they were brought into the world but it could not tell the other fears, for even if they could understand, the Web is not truthful. It lies, as is its nature. So it schemed and manipulated. It chose The Eye, the most stupid of the Entities, and manipulated it. It brought about the new world, so it could finally escape.

But John will not let it.


Martin rushes in, intending to stop John from killing Jonah, but he is too late. John tries to tell him he did the right thing, but Martin screams that he broke his promise. John says Martin should tell the others, that they need to call off the plan, but Martin says he knew John would try something, so the others are going to the gas main early. Martin thought he could stall John, keep him from killing Jonah. John says it will be okay, they can still be together, but Martin says it is not John. John reminds Martin that he had promised not to stop John from sacrificing himself, but Martin will not listen. John says it will all be okay, he can call off The Eye's servants. Besides, Melanie, Basira, and Georgie cannot light the gas main without the Web Lighter.

...Which John said Georgie could hold on to.

The destruction begins, causing John severe pain. He tells Martin to leave, but Martin will not leave without him. John then tells Martin to kill him, finish the job, save the world. Martin does not want to, but John says that live or die, whatever happens, they will be together. They kiss. Martin takes the knife and stabs John, and the recording turns off.

In a restored world, Basira, Melanie, and Georgie shift through the rubble of the Panopticon. Basira is surprised to find a tape recorder that still works. John and Martin have not been found, dead or otherwise. Melanie says they should accept they are gone and admits that is probably for the best. Apparently, Simon Fairchild, having lost his abilities as an avatar, was not welcomed back into the normal world; imagine the world's reaction to 'The Archivist'. It is revealed that Rosie survived, and The Admiral is almost all back to normal, thanks to canned tuna. The three contemplate destroying the tape, but Basira says that they can just turn it off. Melanie and Georgie walk away and Basira addresses whoever is listening:

"Good luck."