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Statement of Moira Kelly, regarding the disappearance of her son Robert.


Robert had always been adventurous from a young age. Nothing changed as he grew up and when he finished university he got a job as a sky diving instructor with a company called "Open Skydiving".

During his time as a sky diving instructor, Moira didn't see Robert much, except for occasional postcards or quick phone calls. In June of 2002 he returned home suddenly, saying that he had quit his job.

He had been assisting on a sky dive in Doncaster. Simon, an 85 year old man, was sky diving for charity for his deceased wife and Harriet Fairchild, the instructor who was set to jump with Simon, asked Robert to join them for support. Just before Simon and Harriet jumped, Simon turned to Robert and said something like "enjoy sky blue", and jumped. Robert felt suddenly dizzy, but recovered and leapt from the plane.

It was extremely bright in the open air, and when he was able to open his eyes he saw that there was no ground beneath him, just endless blue sky. He fell for a long time, perhaps hours and started to get hungry, no sign of the ground. At some point he closed his eyes and, when he reopened them, saw the ground again. When he landed, Harriet said that it had taken him 15 minutes longer than expected to land. He quit on the spot.

The day after telling Moira this story, the two of them left for a walk and a picnic up a tall, nearby hill. As they got to the top, Robert started to panic. Screaming, he pushed his mother away and ran to the top of the hill where "the sky ate him", according to Moira. He didn't fall or fly, nothing reached down to him, it was as though the whole sky warped and twisted and ate him.


'Open Skydiving' is not a registered company and Sasha claimed it never has been, it didn't even have any licences to sky dive, although she was able to find a few articles from late 2000 referencing them. Either Robert was lying to his mum, or the company was lying to Robert.

Tim outdid himself and spent some time looking into the accident and incident reports in Doncaster, and found that on the 3rd of June Joseph Puce heard an impact in one of his fields. There he found a parachute bag, but no body. There was no sky diving over his house that day.

Moira reported Robert missing on the 7th June 2002, but without a history of his previous houses the police weren't able to find anything.

Jonathan Sims remarks that Simon Fairchild, possibly the name of the old man, was a pseudonym of someone. Before he was able to finish his sentence, however, Martin bursts in and there is a squelching sound. Sims shouts "What are these things!" before the recording is cut short.


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