Sasha James is one of the assistant researchers who assists Jonathan Sims with the statements of the Magnus Archives. She heard the statements of Jane Prentiss, but didn't think she was as dangerous as everyone seemed to think. If she was, how had Martin survived? Jane Prentiss infected (and presumably killed) 6 hospital staff and broke a 7th peron's neck as she escaped from the hospital and it seems unlikely that Martin would survive an encounter with her. Although Sasha has seen many of the silver worms outside, she has crushed them as she saw them.

Sasha lives near Finsbury Park in an old Victorian house. On the 31st March 2016 she was leaving her flat when she saw a strange distortion in the warped glass in the stairwell of her house: there appeared to be a man with hands as big as his torso and limp arms looking at her, and he didn't look to have any structure or bones. When she checked, there was a blond man purchasing flowers but looking through the distorted glass gave him that strange distorted look.

She walked from Victoria Station to work and saw the same man in a coffee shop, although she didn't confront him because she was running late for work. When she left the Institute, however, she saw him still in the café, although it should have been closed. He motioned her to sit, and she obliged.

The blond man didn't offer any explanation of anything unless Sasha asked him. She asked what he was and he said it didn't matter: "How would a melody describe itself when asked?", but he said she could call him Michael, though Sasha was sure that wasn't its name. She asked what it wanted, it replied it wanted to help. When Sasha pushed for more details, he said Sasha had no idea what was really going on, and it didn't really care if her colleagues died, but that the Flesh Hive was always rash. It said it wanted to be friends and held her hand; Sasha noted it felt like wet leather and was unnaturally heavy and sharp. When she went to leave, it said if she was interested in saving Jonathan Sims, Tim, and Martin, he would be at the Hamwell Cemetery.

Sasha didn't mention this to anyone, as she wanted more evidence before talking to Sims, so she went to Hamwell Cemetry the next evening after work. Michael was there and it guided her down Azalea Close to an abandoned pub. In there, she heard a low moan from the corner and saw a man and realised too late that the floor was covered in writhing silver worms. The figure was full of holes; the silver worms poured from these holes, its mouth, and the holes where its eyes had been.

Sasha stumbled back, the worms being too numerous to squash, while Michael looked on passively. She grabbed a fire exinguisher and sprayed the worms. They shrivelled and died before her eyes, and she coated the worm-infested figure in the foam. After it stopped moving, she went through its pockets and found a driving license, identifying the figure as Timothy Hodge (MAG 6). Michael stepped forward and reached into her shoulder, removing a small silver worm. Sasha noted that she didn't even feel it go in.

Things became hazy in Sasha's recollection after this; the next thing she remembered was that Michael and Timothy had gone. She returned to the Magnus Institute and awoke Martin.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

Sims remarks that it is strange that Timothy and Harriet Li were affected differently (MAG 6). Sasha has taken a few days off and Sims is going to ask Elias for more fire extinguishers.

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