Paul McKenzie lives alone, after his son, Marcus, moved out to live with his fiancée and his wife, Diane, passed away in May 2003.

One morning, he awoke to hear something on the top step of his staircase and saw the handle to his room start to turn. He leapt out of bad and held it closed, feeling sweat on his hands. When the handle stopped turning, he called the police to discover that his hand was covered in blood, not sweat.

He called the police but they found nothing. The same thing happened the next night and the police hinted they would try and move him to a retiring home if they kept getting these reports from him.

The handle turning happened repeatedly for the next month, although it didn't happen when his son stayed over. Paul tried to record the goings on, but wasn't able to have anything to show for it, except a shadow that looked like a screaming face.

Paul is adamant that he wouldn't leave the house, as this was where he and his wife had lived most of their lives.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

Jonathan Sims said that he wants to believe Paul's story, but it's more likely to be a case of dementia. Paul died 2 months after making this statement from a stroke.

Sasha confirmed the police had been called out to the house.

Martin called Marcus, who said that he had already made a statement about this and.

Sarah Carpenter, a researcher at the Magnus Institute, investigated the house but was unable to find evidence of anything supernatural, although Sims noted that in her photographs there was no lock on that door.