Melanie King has a YouTube channel, Ghost Hunt UK, where she goes into haunted buildings or sites with scientific equipment in order to look for ghost and evidence thereof.

In January 2015, Melanie, her co-host Andy Kane, her sound engineer Peter Warhol and Antonia Fallon were set to go to break into Cambridge Military Hospital to look into reports of a Grey Lady. Peter got cold feet and pulled out, forcing Melanie to contact Georgie Barker, host of the What the Ghost podcast, for a replacement. Georgie suggested Sarah Baldwin, although admitted that she was "a little bit unsocial." Melanie contacted Sarah, who agreed and gave her address.

When the group arrived to pick up Sarah, she did not come out of the house that she said she lived in in Sydenham, instead knocking on the door after Melanie called her. Sarah smoked for the whole 2 hour drive, and Melanie noted she could faintly smell something sharp and faintly floral, like a cheap perfume, under the cigarette smoke.

When they arrived at the Cambridge Military Hospital, Sarah exclaimed Melanie hadn't told her about this place. They proceeded to enter the building and start shooting file. Of note, was a phrase "Silk will not stitch the butcher's meat".

They set up camp in the main ward, Sarah agreeing to take the 2am - 4am shift. When Melanie went to wake her for the start of her shift, she appeared to have not been sleeping. Around 3am Melanie awoke to find Sarah missing. She took a camera with night vision settings and went on the hunt for the missing sound engineer. As she hunted, there was a strong smell of copper with a hint of ammonia.

Melanie went upstairs and heard someone pleading. She found Sarah in a room gesturing wildly and apologising for unintended trespassing to something in the room. As Melanie recorded the scene, Sarah was flung across the room where she crashed into the wall. Standing, Sarah shouted something in a language Melanie didn't recognise, and proceeded to peel back the skin from her left arm which hung strangely, before pulling it back on and stapling it together.

Melanie fled back to the camp and Sarah returned 15 minutes later. After they dropped Sarah off, Tony asked if they not work with her again as he got a bad vibe off of her.

Melanie was able to give Jonathan Sims a copy of the video she recorded in the Cambridge Military Hospital, although Sims suggested that she may have been dreaming or imagining the scenario.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

The Cambridge Military Hospital is being turned into a housing development. There are plenty of reports of Grey Ladies, but none matched the events Melanie described. Although Georgie was able to confirm knowing Sarah Baldwin, the address that Sarah gave as her own was unoccupied at the time and has never been lived in by Sarah.

Sims checked the recording and saw a figure kneeling on the floor, Sarah, and another figure of a very tall man pointing. The man was not touching the ground.

Although Sims doesn't appear to recall during the recording, we have met Sarah Baldwin before, when she was reported missing  in August 2006, possibly taken by the entity in MAG 1, which may be the same entity in the Cambridge Military Hospital.