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Statement of Jane Prentiss, regarding a wasps nest in her attic.


Page author's note: this Case is extremely difficult to put down concisely into words, as the statement covers much of Jane Prentiss' mental state and, due to her obviously fragile state of mind, the distinction between fact and fiction is blurred. As such, I have tried to write down things that are strongly suggested to have happened.

Jane Prentiss claims that she itches, deep in her bones. She seems to know that this was not always the case, that this itch appears to have started at some point due to the "wasp's nest" in her attic. It is likely that she is not fully infected by the Flesh Hive, but she is starting to be infected or swayed by it.

She used to be a practicing witch as she craved something beyond herself but could not stomach the more common organised religions, although it is not clear to which denomination she belonged. She now sees those spells and rituals as folly. She worked for Good Energies: a shop specializing in crystals in Archway. At one point a young man named Oliver joined the staff, looking at her with sadness and later fear.

She seems to know about the Magnus Institute, and makes it very clear that the Flesh Hive hates them, because knowledge of a thing takes away the fear of that thing. She gives the impression that she knows something bad will happen at the Institute, and that she may be involved. Indeed, she refers to Gertrude Robinson specifically (in all but name).

Jane seems to be someone needing love and attention, having been through hardships in her life (financial strife and being rejected by friends) and wanted to be accepted or loved by someone, or something. It seems like something showed her that she could be loved by a million tiny creatures that need a home, bringing about this symbiotic relationship between the two entities.

She makes reference to an infinite plane of writhing worms. It is not clear if this is real or imagined, but she also suggests that the Hives are just an outlet for a much more infinite space. 


Jonathan Sims is pleased to have found Prentiss' statement, but is disheartened that there is no new information in it. He explains that Jane was found by police in her flat on Prospero Rd with her arm up to the elbow in 'pulped organic matter'. This may have been a wasp nest, although her neighbours did not report seeing any wasps. Unfortunately, the nest could not be examined further, as later that night there was a fire that completely destroyed the flat and killed the landlord, Arthur Nolan.

Prentiss was taken to Whittington Hospital, but was already infected. As medical personnel tried to restrain her, she expelled numerous worms which ended up killing six hospital staff. A seventh died in attempting to escape from her. Ultimately she simply walked out of the hospital and disappeared.

John expresses the possibility that her case is not paranormal, and is merely an "unknown, aggressive parasite," but states that he feels that this case is supernatural. At this, he seems uncomfortable, and ends the recording.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

  • Related Entity: The Corruption and the Web.
    • Prentiss remarks that "Webs have a song as well, of course, but it is not the song of the hive."
    • Prentiss remarks that she does not know why she went in the attic, possibly showing that the Web likely set up Prentiss as a means to get Jon marked by The Corruption.