Statement of Carlita Sloane, regarding her work on a container ship travelling from Porto do Itaqui to Southampton.


This case starts with Tim talking to Jonathan Sims about the possibility of previous cases being re-recorded: 

  • In MAG 5, where Alan Parfitt went missing in 2008, not 2009 (reported by Josh Cole, a student of the Magnus Institute).
  • In MAG 9 John referred to Case 9220611 as Case 1106922 (reported by Samantha Emery, who is writing PhD in Manifestations), and the case numbers for the Hill Top Road Hauntings (MAG 8, 19, 20) are also a mess.
  • In MAG 23 it's not clear if Albrecht von Closen is married to Clara or Carla. 

Sims says he will not rerecord the cases, and that Gertrude's numbering system is #YYYDDMM. Sims notes that he only uses the tape recorder for files that "don't work on anything else." He also mentions that Elias has provided them with extra fire extinguishers for the silver worm infestation.


Carlita Sloane was working on a ship that was stopped due to some discrepancy, meaning she had to find work on another ship to leave Porto do Itaqui, which was difficult because she couldn't speak the local language, even though she was a part of Nautilus, a UK Ship Union.

Eventually she found a ship that was bound for England: the Tundra. She found Peter Lukas, the captain, in a local bar drinking black coffee. When she approached him the bar was suddenly empty. Peter said they had one position left and that they were planning to leave tomorrow at dawn.

The next day Carlita went aboard and met Tadeas Dahl, the first mate who was heavy set with a thick black beard and wore a brass boatswain's call. They set sail immediately. Whilst on the ship Carlita noticed that the crew was exceptionally quiet and didn't talk and hardly replied to questions. She didn't see the captain at all whilst on the boat, but met Sean Kelly, a Scottish man.

One day whilst working above deck she noticed that the shipping containers were rusted together and shut, with a new layer of paint over them. One night she decided to open one of the containers and found it totally empty. Just after this, the first mate came around gathering the crew. They went into the lifeboats, which were regular rowing boats, and travelled away from the Tundra.

When at sea, Tadeas blew the boatswain's call, a shrill, high and piercing but distant sound, as though it was far away. A thick sea smoke rolled in, totally hiding the Tundra. Carlita realised that Sean was not on the boat. Eventually the smoke cleared and they returned to the ship. She didn't see Sean again. The crew became more talkative, but when asking about Sean she was told by Kim Dwong (the third mate) that "it hadn't been an easy choice".

When they arrived at Southampton, she returned home. A few days later her paycheck came through for £25,000, which was not bad for a few days work.

Post-Statement Edit

The Tundra is still active, working for Solus Shipping PLC, which is owned by Nathaniel Lukas. Sims notes that the Lukas family provides funding for various academic and research organisations, including The Magnus Institute. Sims says he cannot look into this any further, even though there are similarities between this case and MAG 13, as Elias doesn't like him looking into cases that might have "funding repercussions".

The Tundra crew has stayed the same for the past 10 years, there is no record of cargo being loaded or unloaded in the UK.

Sean Kelly went missing from the port of Felixstowe in October 2010, his body was found on a beach in Morocco in April 2011. Although he was missing for 6 months, his body had only been in the water for 5 days.

Trivia Edit

  • Josh Cole and Samantha Emery are both listeners of The Magnus Archives, and pointed out inconsistencies with earlier episodes, leading to their cameos in this episode.
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