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Statement of Dr. Lionel Elliott, regarding a series of events that took place during his class, Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, at Kings College, London.


Dr. Lionel Elliot does not like teaching squeamish students, so tries to avoid teaching Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology at Kings College, London. However, he was contacted by Elena Bower, who asked that he pick up some overflow on the course as there were 7 students without a teacher. He reluctantly agreed.

When he went to the first class, he found Erika Mustermann, Jan Novak, Piotr and Pavel Petrov, John Doe, Fulan Al-Fulani and Juan Pérez all wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans in varying styles. As he taught the class they blankly listened, occasionally asking simplistic questions that one would have learned in a far more basic biology course. Although able to relax at times, Lionel was frequently unnerved while giving his lecture and was especially shaken by the sound of his student's breathing while discussing the respiratory system, as he had not noticed any breathing until just then. He avoided his students but eventually resigned himself to teaching the class, as there was no one available to take his place.

He accompanied the class to a dissection room to learn about skeletons. Whenever he had his back turned to a student he heard a sound like bone cracking, but when he turned the samples were undamaged. He managed to see behind him in a reflective surface and saw Pavel picking up a forearm bone and holding it to his own, before his forearm cracked, shifted, and extended. Lionel collapsed in shock, which none of his students responded to. The cracking greatly intensified for the remainder of their allotted time in the room, and when their time ended the students were notably taller than when the class had started.

Lionel avoided the lectures as much as possible, but his coworker Laura Gill said that even when he was not there the 7 students would just wait in the room for him.

The next lesson in the dissection room was with hearts, which Lionel attended as he knew that they would attend without him or not. The lesson proceeded normally until Erika held up her heart and asked what it looked like when it beat. The heart in her hand started to spasm grotesquely and she asked if it was like that. The other 6 students did the same, and Lionel indicated the most lifelike one before leaving.

Lionel avoided the rest of the lessons but decided to find out where they lived and got their address, an old house on Kingsland Road in Newham, from Elena. When he arrived, Jan opened the door and put on a strange attempted smile. She asked him if he had come to teach them, as they wanted to learn about the liver. She looked down towards Lionel's own liver as a muffled scream came from the house. Lionel fled.

After the last tutorial, Lionel returned to the room to find an apple and a note, which read 'Thank you for teaching us the insides', which he burnt. He cut into the apple and found human teeth, arranged in a smile.


Jonathan Sims declined the offer to keep the apple for the artefact storage, as the teeth could have been put in by someone after the apple had been cut. The teeth were sent to a dental specialist who confirmed that they were all healthy and from different people.

John notes that the names of the 7 students are official placeholder names in different cultures, such as John Doe.

Sasha discovered that Dr. Risheed Sidana killed himself last year. He taught Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapy at St Mary's University. A note was found with his body which read 'Not to be used for teaching.'


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  • Related Entity: The Stranger
    • The anatomy students are all agents of The Stranger
  • Another Stranger-aligned individual with a placeholder name, Max Mustermann, appears in MAG 107 and MAG 109.
  • Dr. Jane Doe appears in MAG 182 at St. Bleedings Centre for Wellbeing, a post-change medical facility that aims to destroy patient's wellbeing through physical and psychological torture. Although she is a Stranger-aligned medical provider with a placeholder name, it is not clarified if she is one of the students. However, it was implied to be true by the voice actors in the MAG Retrospective - Cast Commentary, Part 1.