The recording starts with Jonathan Sims taking a brief statement from Martin about the two delivery men who delivered the lighter and the table (MAG 36). Martin described the men as big with cockney accents and "exactly what you'd expect", and that Rosie probably signed for the table. Sims admits that the table is very likely to be the one from Graham Folger's apartment (MAG 3), Martin and Elias think that the table should be destroyed, but Jonathan refuses.


Jason North is scared for his son's, Ethan's, life, saying he won't let him burn.

Jason worked for the Forestry Commission in Scotland and had spent the day searching for Pine Martins and other endangered animals in the area to report back to the Commission. He mused that people would often leave large trash items, such as fridges and microwaves, in the forest, he once even found a corpse.

Whilst walking, he spotted an empty clearing. Trees, some 50 years old, lined the outside and in the centre was a stone seat or altar. He went into the clearing to investigate and suddenly became extremely hot. Throwing his jacket off, he took a drink before realising that the water was boiling. He leapt from the clearing.

After he recovered, he noticed scorch marks on the ground of the clearing, which lead to several small animals which had their fur and feathers burnt away, revealing sun burnt skin beneath.

The trees all seemed to have nails in them, around two dozen in total. From each hung a clean string, a lock of hair and a dirty milk bottle. Inside each bottle was a collection of things from the forest: pine needles and twigs, dirt or rain water which slowly simmered. In each bottle there was also a picture of a woman in her 50s. Jason went to take the bottle to take a photo, but dropping it, shattering it on the forest floor. He grabbed the photo and ran.

On the drive home, his car overheated. His house also burnt down within a week due to electrical failure and his wife died in some horrid way, presumably involving fire. Jason was terrified that something would happen to Ethan so came to The Magnus Institute for help.

Post-Statement Follow-Up

Ethan did not die, and moved in with his foster family in Inverness, after his father immolated himself on the 10th August 2009. Tim found nothing untoward with the clearing Jason mentioned, and Sasha was unable to find anything suspicious about Jason's statement. The clearing itself seemed to match Voodoo and Wicca rituals, but nothing concrete has been found.

The photo of the old women is of Gertrude Robinson, previous head archivist of the Magnus Institute. The photo was taken around 2002.

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