Statement of André Ramao, regarding a series of misplaced objects lost over the course of three months.


André Ramao is an antique dealer and keeps losing things. Like many other antiques dealers, he was forced to sell his shop and start selling to regular high end customers. This lead him to purchase a few items from Mikaele Salesa, who was renowned for trading in stolen items. Charley Melee even went to jail for selling a Georgian broach Salesa sold him.

André met Salesa at his showroom, where be bought a pair of cavalry sabres from the Revolutionary war and a British artilleryman's jacket from the First World War. They also haggled over a Ming vase from the Jiajing period which had a blue glaze, and a dizzying pattern, which had no pictures, just straight lines that got more and more complex when he looked closely. He went to bed with a headache.

The next day, he noticed his smart shoes were missing, replaced with a bag of old shirts he threw out a few years ago.

A week later, he received the invoice from Salesa, but wasn't charged for the vase. He called the dodgy dealer, who said he didn't remember having such an item. When André sent him a photo, he said he could keep it, no charge and "I do not remember having that thing, which means it belongs to you."

The next thing to go missing was a signed copy of Catch 22 which David, André's husband, said he had never owned. Within the next month many other items went missing, including the tunic André had purchased from Salesa.

Although André tried to sell the pot, he ran into various difficulties, including emails not being responded to, as well as one buyer sending it back, asking why he'd sent it.

He started to obsess over the vase, regularly just staring at it. One evening he fell asleep in front of it. When he awoke at 2am, he heard a book being placed on the table that the vase was on. He watched as all of the missing items came out of the vase, until two pale, long fingered hands with dirty nails emerged over the lip of the vase. André fled the house. When he returned the next morning, he found David had gone. When asked, the housing association said that he had always lived alone.

The vase disappeared, but he continues to lose things.

Post-Statement Edit

Tim managed to get a hold of David and André's marriage license, and found that David's details were missing from the document.

After the statement, a spider appeared next to Jonathan Sims. He crushed it, but accidentally knocked over a bookcase. Sasha came in to see what the commotion was, and the two of them found a hole in the plaster board. As the sound of the worms started, Jonathan shouted "Sasha, run. RUN!"

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