Original recording of Jane Prentiss’ attack upon The Magnus Institute on July 29th, 2016.

Recording Edit

The recording begins with Jonathan Sims struggling to retrieve the tape recorder from the flesh worms pouring out of the wall in his office, shouting for Martin to get the fire extinguishers. The two of them and Sasha then fled into the Archive's secure room, where Martin had been staying.

Jonathan removed a flesh worm from Sasha and had one removed himself, thanks to a corkscrew Martin had for such an occasion. Jonathan records as much as he can, revealing that he doesn't want to "become another god-damned mystery", saying that he still doesn't know what happened to Gertrude, and he'd want his successor, if he has one, to know exactly what happened to him even if that put them off. Gertrude is officially still missing, but the police believe her to be dead.

Jane Prentiss is inside the archives.

Jonathan explains that he finds some of the statements real, regardless of how dismissive he appears. He explains that some of the records can't be done digitally, and it's those ones that he records on the tape recorder. He refers to them as "the ones with wrinkles", and said they felt there was something solid to them.

Tim appeared outside the safe room and picks up the tape recorder. Sasha charged from the room, at great risk to herself and tackled Tim out of the room as Jane uttered "Do you hear their song?". Tim fled into the office and Sasha disappeared.

In the safe room, Martin asks Jonathan why he is such a sceptic, to which Jonathan said he's not. When he records the tapes he feels like something is watching him and he loses himself in the statement. He is worried that, if he makes it obvious that he believes the story, the entity will know.

Back in the archives, Jane is vomiting something into boxes.

Jonathan asked why Martin hasn't quit, and he said it didn't feel right to just leave, he feels trapped and caught in the tangle of statements, like Jonathan is. The Head Archivist asks Martin if he's died here and he's a ghost, but Martin flatly denies it.

Elsewhere, Sasha explains to Elias that she pulled the fire alarm to get people to leave the building, and her boss confesses that he didn't realise the extent of the threat. Jonathan previously asked Elias to replace the fire suppression system with CO2. Although it might kill Martin and Jonathan, they agreed that it's a fate better than becoming a Flesh Hive, and they headed off to find the manual override.

In the safe room, Tim breaks through a wall, having found CO2 canisters that Martin hid in the office. He brought Jonathan and Martin into the tunnels, where quieter, faster worms reside.

Sasha lost Elias and found herself in the Artefact Storage room. She reveals that she joined the Magnus Institute as a Practical Researcher looking at the artefacts from storage here, but transferred after three months. She wondered why the Institute kept these items, but Elias said something about funding and mission statements. She found the table from MAG 3 and stared at it, before seeing someone else in the archives. She asked who was there before a high pitched screeching or whistling sounded and Sasha screamed. After both noises stopped, a different female voice can be heard getting closer, saying "hello? I see you. I see you", mimicking Sasha's last words before screaming. The tape recorder is then turned off.

Jonathan and Tim are lost in the tunnels, but Martin had fled during a worm attack. They find a trap door, which opens into the archive. The tape finishes with worm sounds and Jane Prentiss saying "Archivist.", to which Jonathan replies "Shit."

Trivia Edit

  • Jane Prentiss' worm sounds were created using "Lots and lots of pasta."[1]

References Edit

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