Statement of Elias Bouchard, Tim Stoker, Sasha James, Martin Blackwood and Jonathan Sims regarding the infestation of the Magnus Institute by the entity formerly known as Jane Prentiss.

Elias' Statement Edit

On Tuesday Elias had been going over the budgets when the fire alarm went off. As he started to evacuate, Sasha appeared with a tape recorder saying she'd set off the fire alarms to get everyone away from Jane Prentiss. Elias agreed that they would have to go and turn on the fire suppression system, but as they left they were confronted with a huge wave of worms and the two became separated. Eventually, Elias got to the fire suppression system, now filled with a CO2 suppressing agent, and eventually turned it on. He heard a scream "like tens of thousands of things without mouths screaming as one", Jonathan Sims said. 

An hour later, Martin burst out of the trap door where Tim and Jonathan found Jane Prentiss, saying that he had found the body of Gertrude Robinson. Elias called the police.

Elias was there when the ECDC burnt Jane Prentiss' body.

During the statement Jonathan demanded Elias tell him what happened to Gertrude. He said that on 15th March Elias had gone to find Gertrude, but there was no sign of her and her desk was covered in a gallon of her blood. As she had no assistants and the police couldn't find anything, he decided she must be dead and looked into hiring a replacement.

Tim's Statement Edit

On Tuesday, he came back into the Archives after lunch to find it very quiet. Sasha ran out of the safe room and Tim saw Jane Prentiss who tried to say something to him. Tim told Sasha to run and get help and he tried to escape into the office, but found more worms. He fell on some CO2 canisters and used them to kill all the worms in that room.

Afterwards the paramedics said he may have been suffering from respiratory acidosis from the lack of oxygen, as he became light headed and dazed.

He proceeded through the hole in the wall into the maze like tunnels below the Archives, which were cold and dry with a rotten earthy smell. There were worms here, but they were faster than the ones in the Archives and they didn't make the same noise. Tim suspected that there was something in the Archives that slowed them down, maybe the light or air-con. They had clearly been down there for months, and it's likely that Jonathan finding the passage forced them into action.

The tunnels below the Archives were maze-like, although he didn't find the body, he found a room where there were many worms forming into a ring or a door. He killed them with the CO2.

Sasha's Statement Edit

Sasha explained how she pulled the fire alarm to get people to evacuate before going to Elias. When the fire suppression system went off, she heard Jane scream. She went to the source and found all the worms, including the ones that were burrowing into Tim and Jonathan, dead. She removed the dead worms from her colleagues and took them outside where they could get fresh air.

Elias arrived with the police, the fire brigade and men in hazmat suits. And Sasha notes that Elias was giving her a funny look. An hour later they heard Martin screaming about Gertrude's body.

Sasha claims that the tape recorder was dropped and that the tape must have been ejected, so there is no official record of the events in the artefact storage room from MAG 39.

Jonathan notes that Sasha looks rather "out of it".

Martin's Statement Edit

Martin was checking the background of cases 0081709 when the worms arrived. He accidentally got split up from Tim and Jonathan in the tunnels, and got lost in their maze-like structure. He felt like he was going away from the Archives, but could still hear Jane Prentiss' death scream. Eventually he found a door to a room, inside of which were cardboard boxes with tapes in them and the body of Gertrude Robinson. Everything was covered in dust, and although Martin said he didn't know what killed her, when pressed by Jonathan he said that she was shot 3 times in the chest.

Post-Statement Edit

Jonathan notes that Gertrude was murdered and there was no supernatural involvement, and it was probably done by someone in The Magnus Institute. Jonathan states that there must be some deeper mystery to the statements, which Gertrude uncovered and was killed for it. 

Some of the case files are missing. It's not clear what happened to them, as Jane was busy destroying written copies of statements, but cases 0051701 and 0160204 are gone.

Jonathan said he will figure out what is going on, and nothing will stop him.

Continuity Edit

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

  • This statement is not given by Sasha, but rather by Not-Sasha, the entity that is tied to the table from MAG 3: Across the Street who is impersonating Sasha. The other archival staff are not aware of this at time of recording. Sims has not yet put it together, but both cases that are missing are ones where Sasha's voice could be heard.
  • In MAG 160, it is revealed that Elias could have activated the fire suppression far earlier than he did. He delayed it in order to ensure that the worms had time to burrow into John, leaving him marked by The Corruption.
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