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Statement of Herbert Knox, regarding a repeat customer to his bookshop in Chichester.


Herbert Knox owns a bookshop in Chichester called Lion Street Books. Michael Crew, a student at the university, comes by on a semi regular basis to browse the older books. He is short and thin and has a branching scar up his neck that he normally keeps concealed.

The first time Michael came to Lion Street Books he came looking for Dictionnaire infernal, by Jacques de Plancy, the older the better. A smell appeared, similar to that before a storm breaks, and Michael paid in cash and left. Three weeks later he purchased more books on demonology, each time that strange smell appeared and he quickly left. Herbert also started to notice that the light bulbs got brighter when Michael was around and he would occasionally get shocked.

In February Kirsten Bowman, another book dealer in Salisbury, who Herbert had had a fling with many years ago, passed away, leaving her book collection to him. Herbert remarked that many book dealers had died recently, but the police were not able to find any connections between the deaths. Among these books was Ex Altiora, a Leitner tome.

A week later, Michael returns to the shop and finds Ex Altiora, saying, with a furious desperation, that he needs to buy it. Herbert named an extremely high figure and Michael wrote him a cheque before leaving quickly. When Herbert tried to cash the cheque it bounced, and he headed to Michael's house to confront him about it. When he arrived, the room looked and smelt like Michael hadn't left it in weeks, and there were pages of Latin all over the room. Michael didn't acknowledge Herbert, and as it started to rain he went pale and fled with Ex Altiora in hand.

Giving chase, Herbert followed Michael into the Chichester Cathedral bell tower, unclear on how or why the tower was unlocked. At its summit, he found Michael holding Ex Altiora in front of him, chanting in Latin, including "Vertigo" and "The Vast". A branching, glowing figure stood before him. As he crescendoed, he shouted "I am yours" and jumped out of the window. The branching figure screamed and was pulled through the window with Michael. The body of Michael was not found, and from the outside the bell tower's windows are clearly sealed permanently shut.


Jonathan Sims believes that Michael was using the book as some kind of ward, and that Herbert didn't mention anything about the starless sky with the Lichtenberg figure that Dominic Swain talked about. Did Michael use The Boneturner's Tale but find that it didn't help?


The trap door has been opened, and someone has been down there, although his colleagues deny anything. There is nothing amiss, although spiders have moved in and have eaten the worms, this disturbed Jon, and he left the tunnels.


  • In MAG 4, Michael Crew was mentioned as Dominic Swain's childhood friend who was struck by lightning, as well as the Leitner book Ex Altiora.
  • MAG 17 also mentions Michael Crew as the person who returned the Boneturner's Tale to the library.
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  • Related Entity: The Spiral and The Vast
    • Ex Altiora is a book connected to The Vast
    • Michael Crew is touched by the Vast and becomes an avatar
    • The "glowing figure" is a Lichtenberg figure and agent of The Spiral