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Statement of Helen Richardson, regarding a new door in a house she was selling.


Helen Richardson has worked for Wolverton Kendrick for 8 years, a company that sells expensive family homes in Wimbledon. She was hosting viewings at a house in St Alban's Avenue when the event occurred.

At the end of the viewings a tall man with long, curly, straw coloured hair arrived. He did not shake Helen's hand, she started the tour anyway, although the man did not appear to take anything in. After a short while, she found him standing at a small yellow door with a black handle which she had not seen before. The man asked what was behind the door and Helen was shocked, as she knew there had never been a door there before. Slowly she put her hand to the door, which opened for her.

Behind the door was a corridor with green wallpaper, a black rug, and pale yellow carpets. She did not remember going into the corridor, but she suddenly realised she was inside it with the door closing behind her. Realising she had been crying, she hammered on the mirror where the door had been. With no other choice, she started to walk down the corridor. The corridor itself curved slightly to the left, had electric lamps on the walls every 10 feet and endless framed photos and paintings of the corridor, as well as a few mirrors. Every so often, there was a passage to the right. Initially Helen ignored these, but after walking for hours she decided to try one. Down there was more corridor, but as she turned around to go back, she found only the same corridor with more right turns. As she progressed the colours of the rug, carpet and walls changed.

After being in there for around 3 days with no food or water, occasionally slumped against a wall in despair, she saw a figure approaching. The figure was distorted but humanoid, with long pointy hands. The images on the wall changed to that of this creature and the mirrors slowly changed to that same figure. Finally there was one mirror remaining that she pushed up against, fell through and ended up in Dulwich.

Helen remained in hospital to recover from the dehydration, and spent a lot of time at home. After particularly bad nightmares she decided to come to the Magnus Institute to give her statement.


John believes her story, and asks if the man's name was Michael, which Helen confirms. After she leaves, Not-Sasha (acting as Sasha James) confirms there were no new details to add to her statement about Michael, which had been lost in Prentiss' attack on the Institute.  

After Not-Sasha leaves, a figure appears, the static on the tape recorder increasing to a high pitched whine, asking "Do you even know they are lying to you?" John demands to know how the figure got in, but is rebuffed. John confirms that the figure is Michael, and asks if he is going to kill him, which Michael flatly denies. He says he is simply collecting what is his — the Wanderer, Helen. When John asks if Michael owns the Hallways, he replies by asking, "Does your hand in any way own your stomach?"

John claims it is too late for Michael to get Ms. Richardson, as she has already left. Michael laughs and asks if he noticed which door she had left through. John replies yes, before realizing there had not been a door there before. John demands that Michael lets her go and Michael nonchalantly attacks him. When John angrily demands who Michael is, he laughs and says "I am not a Who, Archivist, I am a What. A "who" requires a degree of identity I can't ever attain."

John asks why Michael has intervened in the past to help them. Michael replies that he is normally neutral, but losing the Archives would have unbalanced the struggle too early, implying the existence of a war. He then leaves.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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  • In MAG 160, Elias reveals that he sent Helen Richardson to the Institute in order to bring John into contact with The Distortion.
  • In MAG 188, Martin mentions listening to Helen's statement and becoming jealous of the connection she seemed to have with John.