Statement of Andrea Nunis, regarding a series of encounters in the streets of Genoa, Italy.


Andrea Nunis has a passion for travelling and exploring alone that borders on a compulsion. She had stayed at a shack in Wales with her parents when she was young and she was always overcome with a feeling of wonder and excitement whenever she went there. She took a gap year and travelled around Europe for 4 months, just scraping by and occasionally needing to sleep on the streets. She found it hard to form relationships because of this.

On her 25th birthday she decided to travel to Europe again for a shorter stint. She went to Italy and visited Venice, Rome, and San Marino, then continued north via Florence. Whilst in a hostel there, she met Ethan Taylor, a travelling Australian, who felt the same need to travel as herself. They accidentally ended up going north together and he convinced her to go to the small city of Genoa in Italy. They rented a private room there and spent the evenings dining and talking.

Ethan explained about an older part of town he had found that he wanted to explore. That day, Andrea went to a café to read and was confronted by a tall man in a bright t-shirt with long black hair, who said that she was marked. He was unhappy that she had appeared whilst he was on holiday, and told her to keep her mother's face in her mind, knowing she had a close relationship with her. Ethan did not return back that evening. After a few days she decided to try and find him, heading into the area of town that Ethan mentioned.

As she neared the place that Ethan had mentioned, the sky became grey and the buildings duller. She saw no one for a long time, but heard a crowd in the distance. As she approached she found herself in a wider street surrounded by people. The noise, she realised, wasn't talking. As she focused on those that surrounded her, she realised that they all had blurred faces as though screaming played at great speeds on their face, they also wore different versions of the same clothes.

She remembered what the man in the coffee shop had said earlier and thought about her mother, concentrating on her face and the love she felt for her. After a short while, she realised that the creatures had gone and she was on another street. An hour later she got home, but there was still no sign of Ethan. She decided to return home early and spend some time with her mother, and isn't planning to travel by herself again.

Post-Statement Edit

Sasha interviewed Andrea, who confirmed that she was back to travelling solo and hadn't had any similar experiences since. Martin found that there were missing travellers reported in Genoa, but no more than other cities of that size.

Jonathan Sims suspects that the man Andrea met was Gerard Keay, although this would have happened just after he had been acquitted of his mother's murder. Tim got in touch with the Manena Hostel, who confirmed Ethan's backpack was never claimed.

Supplemental Edit

Michael's visit has been playing on Jonathan's mind; what is he and what did he want? Listening to the recording again, Jonathan remarks that Michael told him that Sasha was lying to him, although he didn't suspect her before, as her reasons for staying, a passion for the paranormal, seemed more water tight than anyone else's after Jane Prentiss' attack.

Jonathan has had a meeting with Elias. Sims thought this might be about Dr Elliot being offended that he didn't take his apple (MAG 34), but Elias said that Tim and Martin have expressed concerns that Jonathan is spying on them, going as far as spying on their houses. Jonathan is able to explain this away, but remarks afterwards that Elias is now on the top of his suspects list.

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