Phillip Brown was a prison officer at HMP Wakefield from 1990 - 2002. In 1995, Robert Montauk was admitted to the prison. He was over 6 feet tall with a flat, angular face and was built like a barge. Shortly after Robert arrived at the prison, Ivan Ilich attacked him, but Robert easily deflected the attack and dislocated his shoulder. Robert was shipped off to F-wing, and Dave Harrington, another prisoner, started regularly spreading various rumors that he'd escaped and/or killed guards.

In 1998 the government set up Close Supervision Centres, the CSC, and the F-wing quickly became one: the inmates there were kept in clinically clean and empty rooms, under extremely close supervision. Phillip was asked to join the unit. Those in CSC were treated poorly to keep them in line.

In 2001 Robert's daughter started to visit him, presumably just turning 18. In late March 2002, he had his only other visitor: a man in his late fifties with a well-tailored black suit who looked like he might be blind. The two of them stared at each other with a fierce hatred, before the light bulb blew out. Phillip heard the man whisper, "You didn't think you could kill it for long, did you?" When Phillip took him back to his cell, he noticed Robert was weeping but didn't remark on it.

In the next few months, the prison had problems with the plumbing, with brackish water coming out of the taps, as well as lights randomly going out. On November 1st, 2002, the lights went out; he and Pete, a colleague in the CSC, went to check on the inmates. In Robert's cell, they found impenetrable pitch darkness which their lights could not illuminate. There was a wet sound of tearing coming from the cell. As Phillip stepped closer to the cell his torch went out. He heard Pete scrabbling to find him, before saying, "There you are," but he had grabbed something else. There was a low growl, Pete screamed, and Phillip heard him fall to the floor. Suddenly, the lights came back on and Pete was on the floor unharmed. They found Robert dead from stab wounds in his cell.

Phillip was blamed for Robert's death due to 'gross incompetence' and was fired. Pete resigned 2 hours after the lights came back on.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

Tim was not able to find out much information on Peter Gordo, but Sasha found the 2002 visitor logs for Wakefield, which identified the man who visited Robert as Maxwell Rayner.

Martin was unable to track down Phillip: Caroline Brodie, his wife, left him in 2004 when his dismissal caused him to drink more heavily and he became abusive. He sent a letter from Waterford in Ireland asking for forgiveness, but she did not reply.

Supplemental Edit

During the recording, Basira interrupted, giving Jonathan another tape from Gertrude's case which was labeled 'Alexandria.' Jonathan returned the previous tape she had given him and told her that Tim thought they were an item. They agreed that it was best if his colleagues kept believing this.

Sims confronted Sasha about her visits to the wax museum, and she claimed to have a new boyfriend who worked there, with whom she liked to have lunch. Sims decided that pressing further on the subject would only damage what trust remained between them.