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Statement of Jordan Kennedy, regarding several encounters while working in pest control.


Jordan Kennedy has worked as an exterminator for 10 years before being hired by the European Centres for Disease Control (ECDC). He assisted in the incineration of Jane Prentiss' body which gave off a distinct smell which he recognised. This prompted him to contact the Magnus Institute and give his statement.

One summer, Jordan received a call to exterminate some ants from a house in Bromley by a neighbour, Laura Star. When he knocked on the door there was no answer, only an oily residue on the door handle. He opened the door and turned on the light to see a layer of ants covering the whole room. He took his pump and started spraying the ants, although they didn't seem to die, just move away from the spray.

Moving into the kitchen he found nothing but a yellowing fridge which seemed to be the source of the ants. Stepping out to take a break he saw the owner of the house, who arrived in a new but rusting car. The owner demanded to know what was going on. When Jordan explained, the man picked him up by the throat. Jordan noted that his hand was extremely hot, he put his lighter to the man's arm as his only defence, and he very quickly ignited, dropping Jordan. As the man burned he smelt the smell: like burning flesh and rubber with an underlying smell of sickness.

Some years later, he was called out to remove the wasp's nest in Jane Prentiss' house by Arthur Nolan, the landlord. Jordan went into flat four and found the nest, although it didn't look papery enough to be a wasp's nest. He places the nozzle of his pest-killing equipment into the object and sprayed, causing the thing to scream. He fled and found Arthur shaking his head. 

Arthur went into his flat whilst taking off his denim shirt. Underneath was a intricate flame-like scar on his chest. He sat down on an armchair and set a match to the scar, which combusted quickly. Jordan quickly left the house and smelt the unique smell when flat four started to burn. Shortly afterwards the ECDC turned up and took him into quarantine, offering him a position with them shortly afterwards.

When Jane Prentiss' body was incinerated, Jordan smelt that same distinctive smell again.


Although John is always happy to hear more confirmations that Jane Prentiss is dead, he now worries that there might be more like her.

The house in Bromley was torn down in 2015. Martin was able to find that John Amherst owned it, the man who last took charge of Ivy Meadows Nursing Home.


Jonathan is helping the Institute with a torrent of cases from Halloween, and seems to find peace in the simple open-and-shut cases which are quickly disproved.


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