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Continued statement of Trevor Herbert, regarding the latter years of his career as a vampire hunter.


Trevor Herbert did not die immediately after MAG 10 and continues his story here, although Jonathan Sims mentions that there appear to be more missing pages.

Trevor Herbert starts off by explaining that he could not save her (possibly Jane Lewis or more likely her victim), although he wonders what would have happened if he had turned up earlier.

In the summer of 1982, in the grips of a heroin and vampire hunting addiction, Trevor discovered Alard Dupont, a drug dealer who he suspected of being a vampire. A 19-year-old tramp with scars on his neck, going by the name Stanley Kubrick, pointed him out. Trevor spent some time watching Alard, never observing him say a word. At one point, two police officers approached him, but left after a single look from the man.

Later on that day, Trevor followed Alard into the Hacienda in Manchester, where he left some time later with another man. The tramp followed the men, attacking Alard as he went into another building. Trevor slammed his hammer into Alard's shoulder, who screamed in pain. When the alleged vampire fell to the floor screaming, Trevor realised his mistake but still killed him by a blow to the head. He tried to burn the body, but it did not ignite like a vampire's.

In 1996 he discovered his fifth and final vampire, going by the name Hannah Edwards, who he killed to save a young woman.

In winter of 2009, Trevor started encountering problems getting into shelters to get away from the cold. He started to notice that occasionally one of the other homeless men would get up in the middle of the night and leave to be replaced by a woman. Each time the person leaving would be different, but the same woman: a 40ish slender lady with strange bulges in her body. He confronted her one evening and she fled. In the cold night, he caught her, and as she retaliated, he accidentally cut her with his knife and countless spiders poured from the wound. They pooled around her before dispersing and Trevor could see that she was hollow inside except for a few cobwebs.


Jonathan Sims could find no record of Trevor's death; could he still be alive, 6 years down the line? He confronts Martin, asking why his colleague told him that Trevor had died. When Martin explains he had shared secondhand information that he had possibly misheard or misunderstood, John gets angry, demanding that Martin stop lying to him. He shows Martin his own note saying "...if the others find out I've been lying...".

Martin confesses that he does not have a master's degree in parapsychology: his mum had problems when he was 17 and he dropped out of school to get a job to help them get by. He became desperate, lying on his CV, and managed to get a job at the Magnus Institute. John expresses his relief, presumably because Martin was not lying about anything more sinister.


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