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Statement of Keiran Woodward, regarding items recovered from the refuse of 93 Lancaster Rd, Walthamstowe.


Kieran Woodward is a refuse collector for Waltham Forest Council, whose crew comprised David Atayah, Matthew Wilkinson and Alan Parfitt.

On an undisclosed date the binmen found a bag of assorted doll heads in a bin bag outside 93 Lancaster Road, Walthamstow. The heads appeared as though they had been dragged across rough concrete. Alan Parfitt was greatly amused by this and the group kept an eye out on the house afterwards.

A few months later they found another strange bag outside #93. This bag was full of long strips of paper, about 1 inch across, with the Lord's Prayer written on and singed slightly on the edges.

The third bag, a fortnight later, was full of thousands of teeth, all in various states of decay. The binmen called the police, who knocked on the door of #93 but the elderly couple there did not know anything about the bags.

After this last bag, Alan seemed troubled, regularly tired and irritable. He revealed to Kieran that he had been going to 93 Lancaster Road to watch out for whoever was leaving the bags. Kieran admitted on the statement that he had thought about doing the same.

Eventually Alan was fired after he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed the truck into a car. He was replaced with Guy Wardman.

On 8th August 2008, at 02:09AM Kieran received a text from Alan, saying only, "Found him". Keiran's replies received no response from Alan, but Kieran knew where to look for him and went to 93 Lancaster Road.

He arrived at the scene to find another bag with a dark green bow. Unwrapping it, the bag was full of polystyrene packing peanuts and a bronze or copper anatomical heart with Alan's name engraved on it, which was as cold as if it had just come out of a freezer. He never saw Alan again. He asked a friend to dispose of the heart in a medical waste incinerator.

There were no more strange bags at 93 Lancaster Road.


Martin did a follow up interview with Kieran but there was nothing new to add to the statement and no new bags had arrived at 93 Lancaster Road.

Sasha looked into the police reports. Alan was reported as missing by his brother, Michael Parfitt, on 20th August 2009 (actually 2008 but misspoken on the recording, confirmed by Jonny on the forum) and was never found. Officer Suresh and Altman were the two officers who dealt with the teeth case.

Through these police reports it was revealed that all the teeth from the third bag, all 2780 of them, were the same tooth in many different states of decay.


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  • Related entity: As detailed in the season 4 Q&A, this episode's main Entity is intended to be The Flesh, as an early version of Tom Haan.
    • It is based on notions of removal and transformation of body parts, surplus, and overproduction. However, due to the early writing and production of this episode, several thematic elements of this Entity had not yet been fully nailed down, resulting in the muddied perception of which power is behind this statement. While initially written as "Flesh-adjacent", the result is a complicated "grab bag of Fears". In its current form several entities could be reasonably interpreted from the contents of the bags, such as:
  • The house's location is close to the restaurant mentioned in MAG 72: Takeaway.


  • A deluxe transcript for this episode is available as bonus content on the Rusty Quill Patreon.
  • In MAG 33, this case is one that Tim Stoker notes has inconsistencies: Alan Parfitt went missing in 2008, not 2009. This was reported by Josh Cole, a student using the Magnus Institute's resources for a dissertation.