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Statement of Rosa Meyer, concerning a persistent feeling of being watched.


Rosa Meyer feels like she is being watched by something. She used to present the Look East segment for BBC News before she had an on-air breakdown. Her brother, Christopher, died of a stroke in early 1972, and in April of that year she was organising her dead brother's belongings. He worked for the History department at Southampton and wrote books on ancient myths and fetishes, including ancient artefacts. He had many boxes of fetishes in his house, including small animal figures carved from bones, quasi-human statues of wood, and leather and glass beads tied together in patterns as well as others.

One of the last boxes Rosa opened on the second day contained only an old hand mirror and a piece of paper with the typed message "BEHIND YOU". Turning, she saw nothing in the window opposite, but when she looked in the mirror she saw, in the window and almost entirely in shadow, a huge face with bright, bulging red eyes with huge pupils. She dropped the mirror, shattering it, but could not see the face afterwards, even after replacing the broken glass.

Since then, she has felt constantly watched. She thought she might be going insane, but there have been no other symptoms.

She spoke to Angus Cartwright, a colleague of Christopher's, who said he was looking into writing a book on totems of Outer Cults: those focusing on holy beings or concepts which are beyond normal religious practice, some of which were shamanistic, but all extremely secretive. He brought back various items from them, but gave up writing the book in the end.

Rosa explained that Christopher came to the Archives for some reason and she has come to find out why.


Not-Sasha (acting as Sasha James) discovered that Rosa had a breakdown on air, smashing a few cameras. Jonathan Sims found no evidence that Christopher came to the Institute, but admits that the records of his visits may simply be missing as the Institute's record keeping is lackluster.

Tim looked up Rosa's life after the statement. Her parents eventually passed away from cancer and heart disease and on 24th October 1984, she murdered a delivery driver named Danilo Costich. She emptied his delivery van before filling it with barrels of petrol. She was caught running a red light and imprisoned for Danilo's murder in HMP Holloway, where she died of pneumonia in 1993.

John notes that Danilo worked for Paper Run Limited, which supplied the Institute with stationery at the time. He believes Rosa may have been heading to the Institute when she was caught.


Martin, Tim, Elias and Not-Sasha have an intervention with John. They confront him about his erratic behaviour and the fact that he has been stalking them. John confesses that he thinks one of them could have killed Gertrude. Elias gives John the CCTV footage from the week that Gertrude was killed to account for all their movements.

After examining the video, John concludes that they could not have murdered Gertrude and that she was coming and going at all times of the night, looking more and more frantic. He postulates that the cause of the problems may be the entity living in the tunnels below the Institute.


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