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Statement of Detective Alice “Daisy” Tonner, regarding the traffic stop of a delivery van on the M6 near Preston on the afternoon of 24th July 2002.


Alice "Daisy" Tonner is a "Section 31" officer and has brought Jonathan Sims another tape that was located in the room Gertrude was found in. She and Basira suspected that he might have killed his predecessor, but CCTV footage has recently exonerated him. Daisy explains that she doesn't want to be involved with The Institute, but agrees to disclose her first Section 31 story.

Daisy has been part of Section 31 for 14 years and on the police force for 2 years beforehand. She worked with Isaac Masters for the Road Policing Unit. On the M6, near Preston, the two of them flagged down a Citroën C15 Breekon & Hope delivery van which was going 25 miles an hour. The van was covered in grime and rust that wasn't washed off by the rain.

A very normal looking man came out, calling himself Tom, with the two cockney Breekon & Hope delivery men. The sound of a slow, painful and slightly musical moan came from the back of the van and Isaac demanded Tom open the doors.

Inside was an old unvarnished wooden coffin with a thick metal chain wrapped around it and secured with a padlock. The words 'DO NOT OPEN' were scratched into the coffin lid. Isaac demanded the delivery men take the coffin out, and retrieved the key from Tom.

Isaac opened the lock and the chains unraveled on their own. The moaning stopped and the lid of the coffin slowly opened. Despite being placed on top of solid ground, the inside held a set of stairs leading down as far as they could see. Daisy demanded answers and struck one of the delivery men when they simply stared. It felt like hitting solid wood and elicited no reaction from him.

She looked back to the coffin to see Isaac walking into it with a relaxed expression on his face. One of the delivery men grabbed her when she moved to stop him and Isaac quickly disappeared down the steps. The lid closed after him and as the delivery men began re-wrapping the coffin with chains, Daisy charged at them in anger. One of them moved unexpectedly fast and punched her in the chest, breaking a couple of ribs. Incapacitated, she could only watch as they packed up the coffin and drove off.

She reported it, expecting an investigation, but was instead handed a Section 31 form to sign and reassigned to the metropolitan police.


Daisy says that she has never told anyone but her old sergeant this story and she is done talking for now. John asks if she knows anything about vampires and she admits that she does.

Following a string of arrest irregularities where people were released without proper interrogation, they started to monitor interrogations of certain suspect people via video. If the suspect does not say anything but the interrogating officer acts as though they have, they call Daisy. She then takes the suspect into the middle of Epping Forest and burns them to ashes. This has happened 5 times in the past 9 years.


John wonders if the delivery men from Breekon & Hope are guardians or prisoners of the coffin. The confirmation of the vampires that Trevor Herbert mentioned in MAG 10 is reassuring. He is also hurt by Basira's mistrust, but can't afford to confront her as he needs the tapes.


  • The coffin matches the description of the coffin that Joshua Gillespie looks after in MAG 2.
  • The driver of the van, Tom, is likely the same Tom as Not-Sasha's boyfriend.
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  • Related Entity: The Buried, The Stranger, The Hunt
    • Daisy is associated with The Hunt.
    • Breekon & Hope are agents of The Stranger who became tied to the coffin.
    • The Coffin leads to The Buried.
  • John unknowingly compels this statement from Daisy and she starts having recurring nightmares about these events until she joins the Institute after MAG 132.