Erin Gallagher-Nelson is an urban explorer and takes photos to sell to magazines and stock photo websites. She had decided that there may be Victorian underground tunnels under St Paul's church in West Hackney, as it was built over St James'. On 25th March 2014, she and Luke Nelson, her brother-in-law, arrived at St Paul's to explore.

They found a loose panel and managed to get underground. Beneath the church they found the Victorian brickwork corridors Erin expected and they started to take photos. Each time she did, there was a human-shaped shadow on the walls, although Luke insisted he wouldn't make such an amateur mistake. They headed into a circular room which had no such shadows in, but as they ventured deeper into the tunnels more and more shadows appeared in the photos.

They reached the end of the tunnel, and Erin's torch ran out. Luke tried to turn his on too, without any luck. As they breathed heavily in the darkness, they heard something else breathing, followed by another and then another, followed by the sound of something being dragged across the stone before Luke screamed in agony.

Luke whimpered and the breathing stopped. Erin remembered the flash on her camera, as she pressed it on there was a wet snap and she saw Luke suspended in the air, with two human like shadows either side of his shadow. One was holding him, and the other was holding up his shadow's severed head.

Erin screamed and the rector of St Paul's arrived with some other parishioners. He guided her out, called an ambulance and took her camera. Her wife, Stephanie, insisted she seek psychiatric help, but Erin came to give her statement instead.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

The foundation stone of St James was laid on 17th November 1821 by Robert Smirke, although this doesn't seem to tie into any of the other supernatural events at his buildings. Jonathan suspected that the People's Church of the Divine host might be involved, but there is no link between them and St Paul's. Stephanie Gallagher-Nelson refused to give any more details or have anyone speak to Erin.

Supplemental Edit

Jonathan has been trying to access Gertrude's laptop, but has been unable to at present. Melanie King arrived unannounced, explaining that the 'new girl' let her in. She asks for access to the library, saying she needs someone to vouch for her. Her YouTube channel, Ghost Hunt UK, recently broke up, and after an incident where she was arrested and filmed shouting about ghosts in Rotherham, her credibility has plummeted. Sims said he would put in a good word for her, saying that Sasha would be able to help.