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Statement of Timothy Hodge, regarding his sexual encounter with Harriet Lee and her subsequent death.


Timothy Hodge was a freelance designer, working from his flat in Brixton on various projects. After a particularly long project, on 20th November 2014, he decided to go out to unwind at local bar, The Dogstar.

Around midnight he saw Harriet Lee, an arts student. She was nervously looking at the doors but when Timothy caught her eye she went over and danced with him, which was more like writhing than dancing. She asked Timothy if he wanted her, and he said yes.

They left The Dogstar and returned to Timothy's apartment. On the walk back, Harriet continued to look around nervously and continuously scratched her arms. She relaxed when once she got inside.

Timothy got her a glass of water and the two talked. She explained that she'd been 'mugged' recently. She'd been walking back to her home on Elthorne Rd in Archway, when she saw a woman lying on the ground. She was wearing a red dress and had long black matted hair. When Harriet called out to her, the figure leapt up and jumped on her. She felt a pain in her stomach, thought she'd been stabbed, and lost consciousness. When she awoke, her attacker had left. She tried to go to the police but vomited when she got near, and the hospital said there was nothing obviously wrong with her, so she sought crowds to feel safe, as she kept seeing the woman everywhere.

Suddenly Harriet kissed Timothy and they had sex. Afterwards he rested his head on her shoulder and felt something moving underneath her skin. Suddenly she doubled over in pain and started moaning. Timothy rushed out to get painkillers before he heard a wet cracking thump, like an egg being dropped onto a stone floor. The moaning stopped.

Timothy returned to the room to see what remained of Harriet: a pitted and warped mass of flesh on the bed, which was covered in a thick black fluid. The walls and bed were covered in a layer of pale, writhing worms. Timothy immediately set fire to the flat and ran out into the cold without getting dressed.


Sasha looked into the police reports and found that there was no evidence of arson nor were any human remains found in the flat. Some charred organic matter was found in the bedroom but it wasn't human, though the report didn't clarify further. There was also a report of Harriet Lee's disappearance which was reported shortly after this statement.

Jonathan Sims remarks that the attack matches the description and last known location of one Jane Prentiss. John reported Timothy to the ECDC (The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and says that he hopes they catch up to Timothy sooner rather than later.


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  • Sasha encounters Timothy Hodge in MAG 26.
  • Jane Prentiss lived in a flat on Prospero Rd in Archway.