Statement of Karolina Górka, regarding a brief period trapped on the London Underground. Statement taken direct from subject.


Karolina Górka left the Star Kings pub near King's Cross after celebrating a personal New Year with friends. She left at 1AM, but her friends Andrew Barnet, Leanne Hilliard and her husband Mark remained at the pub. Her housemate, Tamara Simpkin, had left some time earlier. On the way home, she went to the Crystal Kebab and ordered some chips.

She arrived at the underground, fearful that she may have missed the last train, but recalled the weekend night service. There was no one else on the platform, except a man holding a shovel or similar, walking out towards the rest of the station. The train eventually pulled up and she got on, and she remembers the train car being dustier and more grim than she remembered.

As she looked around, she realised there was a thin layer of dried dirt over everything in the train; even the adverts were replaced with packed in dirt. After a while, the unusual silence of the train began to feel oppressive. She decided to cut her journey short and take a bus at the next station, but there was no sign of an end. She tried to pull the handle for the emergency break, but it had been rusted and snapped when she tried to use it.

The train eventually and very gradually slowed to a stop and Karolina attempted to force open one of the exit doors. They slid open surprisingly easily, but she was just met with a wall of dirt flush to the train. She decided to head through the carriages towards the drivers car. As she did, the silence broke and was replaced by the sound of metal under intense pressure. 

The carriages got progressively dirtier as she travelled, and showed signs of crushing damage. She suspected that if it continued, then by the time she reached the driver, the train would be completely crushed or inaccessible. The door to the carriage behind her had jammed shut and was too warped to open. 

At the other end of the carriage she saw another man in his late 50s with a grey beard and sunken blue eyes. He was trapped in place by the buckling metal of his chair. He didn't react to Karolina's voice, but when she touched him he stirred. He bore an expression of intense sadness, as if his fear had given way to despair. He shook his head at her question of if they could leave there. He grabbed her wrist tight enough that his nails drew blood, saying "not enough space to move, never enough to breathe."

Eventually, with no further options, she lay down on the carriage floor, resigned to her fate. The earth pressed in around her as the old man started to scream.

She awoke in Walthamstow Central and stumbled out into the night air. She hoped it had been a dream, but was covered in soil and had finger nail marks in her arm still.

Post-Statement Edit

Karolina says she's done with the statement and isn't interested in follow up. She still takes the tube. Jonathan says there have been other disappearances, on both the Victoria and Northern line stations, although CCTV doesn't show them arriving.

One of the missing men is Nicholas Lekman, 63, who has a matching photo to what Karolina described and was last seen heading towards Moorgate station at 0230 on Saturday 17th December 2016 following a fight with his son. He was a severe claustrophobe and didn't take the tube alone.

When Karolina left, she left a great deal of dust behind.

Supplemental Edit

Jonathan has explored the lower levels of the corridors and has found odd scraps of rubbish, suggesting that they may be human. He wonders how they are getting supplies. Basira isn't returning his calls, and he worries that whoever is down there may be responsible for killing Gertrude, and resigns to stay away from the tunnels for a while.


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