Statement of Basira Hussain, regarding the attempted arrest of Maxwell Rayner.


Basira was not involved in the investigation of the kidnap case of Callum Brodie. The 12 year old disappeared from his home in Dalston where three figures entered his house and took the boy.

The squad were briefed on the way to the mission, saying that Maxwell Rayner had kidnapped Brodie and there may be cult involvement. The squad loaded up on torches and approached the building, owned by 'Outer Bay Shipping', with each Section 31 officer accompanied by a member of the firearms team. Basira was teamed up with Goodman.

The squads broke into the building. After Basira looked through the boxes, they heard a scream of rage. Turning, Basira saw someone dressed in black robes. Goodman fired at the figure, missing. She saw one of the sectioned officers, Leo Altman, heading down some stairs with some of the armed officers.

At the bottom of the staircase there was an old rusted steel door with darkness pouring out from the bottom of the doorway. As she approached the door, she could hear a crashing and churning like a waterfall. They opened the door and, without going through it, abruptly all the lights went out. Basira shone her torch which did not seem to illuminate as much as they should.

It was cold and still in that room, and dark dust floated in the air. Basira's light went out and she turned on a new one. They continued through the room for a long time. 

Goodman's torch suddenly landed on an old robed, blind Maxwell Rayner. Next to him was an old, stained chair with Callum Brodie attached to it with wire, his face locked mid-scream. Darkness was flowing out of Maxwell's mouth like a thick fog. It crept along the floor and started to crawl up Callum's body. 

Goodman opened fire at Maxwell, and the sudden illumination showed that they were in a cathedral. All the dark liquid fell from Callum's body and hit Altman. Goodman fired at Maxwell again, downing him, stopping the noise. The lights snapped on, and a woman ran over to Altman, stabbing him in the throat before being shot by the police officers.

Basira ran over to Altman, but it was too late. He was already bleeding out and had milky white eyes. The woman who attacked Altman was Natalie Ennis. Two other cultists were killed and three more detained.

Basira suspects that this is linked to The People's Church of the Divine Host. Jonathan offers to give her more information, but she says that she is quitting the force. As she leaves, he asks her about Gertrude's tapes, but she ignores him.


Jonathan cannot find anything about Outer Bay Shipping. He wonders how the police knew where to find Maxwell after he had been off the radar for 20 years. 


  • Natalie Ennis previously appeared in MAG 25
This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

  • Related Entity: The Dark
  • In MAG 135, Elias reveals that he was the one who tipped off the police about Maxwell Rayner's location.
  • In MAG 173, Callum reappears, now as a fully-fledged avatar of the Dark.
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