Lydia Halligan has insomnia and can't recall when she last slept, and that her dreams and reality are blurring into each other and appears to hallucinate. When she was a child, Lydia would read until extremely late.

There is a sign opposite her flat advertising coffee with the caption "Sleep is overrated".

She is a freelance writer and her frantic working schedules lead to her totally losing track of days.

She saw Michael in her living room. She remarks that he is familiar although can't recall where they met and can't remember his name. She draws.

As a student she would see how long she could stay awake, trying to compete with her friends who would not last as long as she did.

She would go to a café when she is unable to sleep. She drank a coffee and found a small child's milk tooth, which is not hers, in her coffee. She indicated the tooth to a waitress, Vanessa, who didn't seem to see it.

Later, the billboard had changed opposite her flat. The rain warped the woman's smile into a grimace and the caption says "Sleep is for the weak".

Some time later in a park, Lydia sat with Michael on a bench. He seemed to be aware of Lydia's predicament.

Later, she runs through twisting streets, lost and panicking. Eventually she lay down on the path but cannot sleep. She heard Michael's laugh on the wind.

She drew curves and fractals.

She stood in front of the billboard again. The woman is snarling and rusted. The caption read "Sleep no more". She walked towards the billboard, metal screaming under the pressure, and it collapsed onto her.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

Jonathan admits this is not verifiable, but he believes it because he recognizes the description of the man in the statement as Michael. Lydia died from a heart attack when she was 29 in July 2015. 

Supplemental Edit

Jonathan decided that relying on Basira for help on going into the tunnels isn't going to work. Jonathan purchased a motion sensor camera to record the trap door. The quality is poor, but he saw Sasha entering and leaving the tunnels on two occasions. He also saw another man of middle age, who arrived at 3am with an attache case. After stuffing some files into the case he returned down the trap door. However, rather than open the door, the person moved the floor to get past the trap door.