Statement of Lucy Cooper regarding the disappearance of her mother.


Lucy Cooper didn't get on with her mother, who was not supportive and frequently argued with her daughter. When she and Laurence got engaged after their graduation, her mother became enraged, saying he would drag her down. This turned out to be true, as Laurence would have two affairs and be jailed for embezzlement.

Lucy's father, on the other hand, was a gentle man, and when he fell from a ladder she decided to try and patch things up with her parents. Although Lucy and her mother still argued, they tried to temper it around her father.

During one summer Lucy started doing freelance work for the British Library, collecting oral histories, so she travelled up to Draycott to have a recording from her mother who was knowledgeable about Irish folklore.

Two weeks before this statement she went to her parent's house and was met by a different looking woman. This woman acted as though she was Lucy's mother, and her father seemed to believe that she was. Lucy went into the house in a state of shock. Around the house were photos of the family, and each photo of her mother was replaced by her NotMother. She suggested that they have a look through their photo albums, but all the photos were of this new woman. Whilst Lucy flicked through the album, she spotted her NotMother had an amused, mocking look in her eye.

She asked her neighbours, Tom Harrison and Joanne Fisher, to describe her mother and they described her NotMother in detail. Later, she went down to the local church of St Peter's to ask Neil Angus, the vicar, about her. He gave the same description, but said a week before he'd heard her scream outside the church and had assumed she'd fallen, though she was fine when he went to check on her. 

Lucy is convinced that it is something supernatural that has taken her identity, and the only evidence she has is her voice recordings on tape. She plans to take them to her father to try and convince him.

Final Comments

George Cooper died of carbon-monoxide poisoning 2 days after this statement was recorded. No other bodies were found and Rose Cooper as not been seen since. Gertrude suspects that this is a creature that Adelard Dekker refers to as the 'NotThem' in statement #9910607. Gertrude notes that any further investigation is pointless as the NotThem don't hang around for long. She suspects it is an aspect of The Stranger and doesn't understand why some people can see through the disguise. 


Jonathan realises that all the tapes that went missing during the Jane Prentiss incident have Sasha's voice on them. He can't take this to anyone in case they discover Gertrude's tapes. He decides to research the NotThem.

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