Statement of Lawrence Moore, regarding something that was not his cousin.


Lawrence Moore used to have a cousin called Carl who lived in Peterborough. Lawrence and his parents would go over to see Carl and his family, but they would rarely visit the Moore household. As they grew up they grew apart and didn't even keep in touch when they accidentally met in Covent Garden in London.

When Lawrence went to his cousin's wedding, he met a man who was pretending to be Carl. Everyone else said this man was Carl, including his humourless father. Lawrence left and drove back to London, wondering if he was having some sort of episode after his recent divorce.

Later, he went into his attic and found some pictures of Carl which matched the man he saw at the wedding. The only exception were two Polaroid photos which showed the original Carl.

There was a knock at his door. NotCarl stood on his doorstep and said that he was sad to see Lawrence leave so abruptly. The two of them sat, NotCarl almost too still with a mad glint in his eye. Lawrence tried to focus on him, but had difficulty, at one time seeing his neck longer than normal. They sat in silence for a long time before NotCarl stood up, saying they should do this again soon, and left. Lawrence wept.

Later that evening, there was another knock on the door. He found a black, grey haired man with a crisp white shirt and a thin necktie. He was thin and short and stern looking. The man asked if Lawrence knew the name of the person who came to his house, and when Lawrence said no, the man became very excited. 

He asked Lawrence to get any photos that hadn't changed, and he brought them down from the loft. By this time the man was sitting in the place where NotCarl had been sitting, and introduced himself as Adelard Dekker, saying he was an exorcist of sorts. Adelard fished out the photos that hadn't changed and asked Lawrence to follow him. He did, and they brought a large wooden box into Lawrence's house. When it was inside, Lawrence tried to look at the box, but Adelard said it was not for him. The grey haired man asked Lawrence to go to his room and stay there, and said that his cousin was dead, and he should stay out of the rest of the house, lest he suffer the same fate.

Lawrence slept fitfully and stayed in his room until the afternoon of the next day. There was a knock at the door, and the air grew close and heavy. After a tense hour, there was an intense, rage-filled scream. Lawrence bolted out of the bedroom towards the front door, glancing into the living room as he fled. 

In it he saw Adelard mouthing wordlessly in front of a table with an intricate pattern on it. NotCarl stood, limbs stretched and distorted, with spider webs attaching the creature to the table. Lawrence fled.

When he returned some hours later, he found a Breekon & Hope van outside and watched the two burly men take the table away. Carl's parents reported him missing, but they never found him.


Jonathan found this tape in the case marked #9910602, where Gertrude's previous tape indicated Adelard's file would be. Jonathan deduces that NotSasha must be tied to the table. He found the missing tapes with Sasha's voice on them and plays them.

Jonathan tells Tim and Martin that they should take the next few days off as he's feeling ill. Jonathan starts to make his subtle goodbyes. Martin is concerned, but Tim forces Martin to make a swift exit and is flippant towards Jonathan.

Later, Jonathan has bought an axe, heads to artefact storage, and smashes the table apart. An audio distortion plays as he smashes the table to pieces. He states it is hollow, just full of cobwebs and dust. Michael appears with a laugh, telling the Archivist that that was very stupid, and that he "doesn't have enough time to escape before they get here". It explains that the table was binding NotSasha quite effectively, and that Jonathan probably won't survive "them" now, despite all the protections around him. We hear NotSasha call Jonathan's name from a distance away as Michael provides Jonathan with a door out...

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