Tim and Martin disregard Jonathan's request to take a few days off and go to investigate.  They take Martin's tape recorder along to get evidence in case something goes horribly wrong.  While Tim insists he grabbed a 'fresh tape', he accidentally records over one of Martin's poems (titled "Streets" which can be heard at the beginning of the episode).  They go into Jonathan's office which is empty and worry Jon has gone fully off the deep end.  While Martin is concerned Tim's motive may be to get Jon fired, Tim explains his concerns are related to the supernatural as there is something in the Institute which is controlling their actions, including Tim's inability to quit.  They open a door and are confronted by NotSasha in its true form (the NotThem).  Martin notices it looks like Sasha but Tim refuses to accept it, believing that Jon told Sasha to go home and that she did.  Martin comments that the creature they saw went into the tunnels.  He decides to follow it.  While Tim refuses to go along, he follows Martin in anyways.

The recording switches over to Jonathan, furious with himself.  He explains he took Michael's door rather than to face NotThem.  The door opened into the tunnels much to Jonathan's chagrin.  Jonathan does not know where in the tunnels he is and decides to just wait.  He doesn't believe the NotThem will give up and won't risk attracting its attention.  He notes it may already be down there with him.  Jonathan berates himself for destroying the table as it was stupid.  He realizes, of course the table was binding the creature as the table is really a web.  The being was trapped in the table, not connected to it.  Jonathan worries over the amount of tape he has left and decides to stop recording in order to conserve it.  As he does, he hears NotSasha calling his name.  

The recording switches back to Martin and Tim. Tim is worried he heard something. Martin asks if it was the "Sasha thing". Tim claims it looked nothing like her while Martin explains it does if you stretched her out. They realize they are never going to find Jon down here and Martin suggest they get help. Tim suggests they get Elias from his office as he's better than nothing. Martin says Tim can just leave him down here but Tim refuses. They start bickering over Tim's behavior and his refusal to face facts. They are suddenly interrupted by a voice. It is Michael. They ask what he is doing down there. Michael explains he is down there to watch the Archivist die, most likely. He compares this to a sport and then suggests he may just instead kill Tim and Martin. They are not protected down there and Michael knows they will try to help Jon. But as Michael wants to see what Jon does on his own, he cannot have that happen. There is the sound of a door opening. Tim and Martin find themselves in some strange dimension. The tape cuts out as Tim asks "Where the hell are we?"  

The recording switches back to Jon who is in a panic. He has run down stairs and has now armed himself with a pipe, even though he knows it is useless as a weapon in this scenario. He knows he can hide but doesn't know for how long. Jonathan has realized Sasha has been erased and hopes this tape will can provide evidence of his voice in case the same happens to him. He has realized he has lost all memory of Sasha's real face. The voice of NotSasha calls to him again. She beckons him to come out. As she does, her voice distorts into the NotThem's real voice. It says it is going to "wear him" and no one will ever know. It taunts him by saying it will hurt, just like it hurt Sasha when it took her. Jonathan yells for it to shut up but it keeps going as he hyperventilates. The tape abruptly cuts out.   

The recording switches back over to Tim and Martin. With distorted voices, they comment they do not know where they are or know what Michael is. They decides to turn right as Martin comments that the tape recorder is not working properly. It keeps making a weird noise.   

The recording switches back to Jonathan. The voice is back to NotSasha. She taunts him and tells him a story (offering to call it a statement). She talks of a monster who lived among people. No one realized, except sometimes someone did and that person would be scared which the monster liked. One day a man came along and tricked the monster then it was tied to a table (from MAG 78). So the monster got its friends to carry the table around so it could take faces and scare people. One day, the monster was sent to the house of its enemy which "had the biggest eyes you ever did see". The monster was sent there to steal all of its secrets but the monster was sad it couldn't scare anyone anymore. Then finally a man (Jonathan) cut the webs and set the monster free so it could kill and scare who ever it wanted.   

The monster thanks Jonathan for this as it left clues but never believed it would actually be released. It mocks Jonathan for not knowing and says he is a shadow of his predecessor. The voice distorts more and more as the creature tells him that it would make a better archivist than him, saying maybe it will, although he'd miss The Unknowing, which he wouldn't understand anyway. As it speaks, Jonathan apologizes to Tim, Martin, and Sasha over what he's done. The creature wonders if it wears Jonathan if it will really become the Archivist and "rob The Eye of its pupil". It decides that would be unlikely and should instead just kill Jonathan.   

As it goes for Jonathan, there is a sound of stone and brick suddenly shifting, and the creature screams and is gone. Jonathan is approached by a strange man who has just saved him. The unidentified man says it is time him and Jonathan had a talk.   

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