Statement of Alice "Daisy" Tonner, regarding the crimes and death of Calvin Benchley. Statement never given.


Martin starts to give a statement to Daisy Tonner, but she interrupts him, saying that she just wants Martin to tell her where Jonathan is. She also reveals that Basira is no longer a police officer. Although she listened to the tape with Leitner's murder, she is dubious, and threatens to pin the crime on Martin. He explains that he doesn't know where Jonathan is or where he could be. Martin asks about Sasha, but Daisy doesn't give him any information.

Martin goes to get Tim under Daisy's instructions and she turns off the recorder, which turns itself back on. Tim explains that he doesn't know where Jonathan or Sasha are. After a brief exchange, Daisy asks Tim to send in Elias.

Daisy asks Elias how to turn the tape recorder off, but he says that Jonathan will want to review the tapes when he gets back. Daisy confesses that they don't know the identity of the body in the Archives. When asked, Elias explains that he does know where Jonathan is, but won't tell the detective. She threatens to take him to the station, but Elias explains that she's become sloppy, not following up on leads or taking evidence and that she's just hunting for Jonathan with her own agenda. When Daisy threatens to harm Elias, he explains that she will not because of Calvin Benchley. Elias explains that he knows what she did. Elias explains that he's going to state her statement to prove that he knows it and so Jonathan can hear it one day. He also threatens to go public with this.

Statement Edit

Daisy likes to be called that because it sounds gentle. She also has a scar on her back which the doctor described as a daisy. When she was 11 she was friends with Calvin and they would play in a nearby park and old building site. One day, she dared him to look in the building site after they heard a commotion. He did, but after 15 minutes he didn't return and she followed him. On the other side were two dead bodies. Behind them on top a staircase was Calvin, looking blank. Behind him was a naked, hunched creature covered in bloodless open wounds. Its mouth moved quickly, whispering into Calvin's ear, causing a black tongue to flick into his ear.

Calvin ran at Daisy, slamming her into a fence, causing the metal to stab into her back. She lost consciousness and awoke in a hospital. Calvin said that she had fallen. At school, he became more moody and got into more fights and 6 children were killed or seriously injured by the time he left for university. He had been arrested once but nothing stuck.

Six years ago, Daisy beat him up, took him to her special spot and shot him five times. He was the first human she killed, but not the last.

Post-Statement Edit

Elias tells Daisy to leave. He is not going to tell her where Jonathan is, but that he won't stop her hunting him, and suggests that if she cannot leave well enough alone, she should kill him quickly, as "there's no telling" what the archivist might be capable of. Daisy leaves.

Outside, Tim tells Martin he believes that Jonathan killed Sasha, and if it was not him it must have been Michael.

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