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Statement of Adrian Weiss, regarding a childhood friend.


Adrian Weiss moved to the rural village of Cratfield as a child. While attending school he met Gordon Goodman, a quiet, easygoing boy who was notably small for his age.

At the edge of Cratfield was a property dubbed 'Maggie's Dump', owned by a reclusive hoarder named Margaret Carnegie. Margaret, or Maggie, was rarely seen by locals except when fussing with her hoard, which consisted primarily of household garbage and spilled out of her bungalow onto the rest of the property. Other residents used the property as a place to dump their own oversized garbage.

Maggie was an elderly woman, and Gordon had been tasked by his parents to deliver food to her multiple times a week. The children at Adrian's school circulated many rumours about Maggie, including that that she was a witch, that she had chased after one of the schoolchildren with a knife, and that she had murdered her husband and hid his dismembered corpse under her hoard.

Adrian would join Gordon on his delivery to Maggie, but fled before getting close to the house. He would watch as Maggie answered and let Gordon in. Gordon would claim to have only been asked to stack things while inside, but his fingernails would be stained and dirty the following day.

This continued for about a month, until Gordon did not show at school the day after a delivery. His father claimed Gordon had a fever but Adrian believed he was lying. Adrian suspected Gordon was still at Maggie's and went to find him, but as he approached the house the dump's stench overcame him and he fell to his knees. There, stretching from where he was all the way to the house, he saw countless bags full of the food that Gordon had brought Maggie. Adrian touched one of the cans, which started to shake and warp as though the contents were growing quickly.

Adrian scrambled backwards and his arm sunk into the earth. When he pulled it out, earthworms clung to his skin. In the hole he had made he saw a mask of Gordon's face made out of paper maché. Remembering why he had come, Adrian approached the house and climbed up onto the garbage stacked nearby to look through a window. There, he saw Gordon sitting still with Maggie bent over him. Small shapes moved over Gordon's skin as Maggie placed paper maché over his face and sung to him softly. Adrian's foot slipped and nudged a bottle, frightening him and causing him to flee.

Gordon was at school the next day, seemingly fine. He didn't mention anything strange happening the day before and Adrian believed he stopped delivering to Maggie. A year later, Adrian moved away and the two lost touch.

Years later, Adrian went to Ipswich for work and stopped in Cratfield. While making conversation with residents he discovered that Maggie's Dump was still in use, but was now called 'Gordie's Dump' for the strange recluse who lived there.


Martin states that the Archival assistants are filling in for John following his absence. Martin had looked up the address for the Cratfield dump and found that it had been bequeathed to Gordon by Margaret Carnegie after her death in 1982. Gordon had identified the body before it went missing the following night. Maggie's cause of death had been listed as "natural causes" and assumed to be pneumonia, but her lungs were full of newspaper pulp and numerous insect-like legs were found growing from her back and sides. Martin begins to speculate on Gordon's potential involvement in the body's disappearance but is interrupted.

Martin stops the follow up when he finds an injured Melanie King wandering the corridors. She is looking for John, mentioning she was shot in India and wanted to discuss her experience with him. Martin explains that John is missing and that most of the archival staff thinks he murdered Jurgen Leitner or suspect he was involved in Not-Sasha's disappearance. Melanie, being able to recognise the separate entities Sasha James and Not-Sasha, asks which Sasha was the one to disappear and becomes frustrated when Martin doesn't understand her question.

Elias interrupts Martin and Melanie's conversation and abruptly offers Melanie a job as an Archival assistant. Martin tries to protest this, arguing that Melanie is underqualified for such a role, but Elias dismisses his comments and alludes to Martin being underqualified himself. Melanie accepts the position and Elias escorts her to his office for an interview, leaving Martin to shout to himself in frustration.


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