Adrian Weiss moved when he was young to a rural village called Cratfield. It was here that he met Gordon Goodman, a scrawny 5' 2" 14 year old.

Near Cratfield was a place dubbed 'Maggie's Dump'. A recluse named Maggie owned a house and started to horde everything, although she placed things carefully, the wind would pick up and move them. Eventually the locals started to dump larger items there too, until eventually it became common place. Gordon would deliver her food, for reasons Adrian never understood.

The prevalent rumours of Maggie were that she was a witch or had murdered her husband, chopped him up and buried him under the mess to hide him.

Adrian would join Gordon on his delivery to Maggie, but would always flee before he got to the door. He would watch as Maggie answered and let Gordon in. Gordon would never explain what he did in the house, but Gordon would be in school the next day with dirt under his fingernails.

One day in October Gordon didn't arrive at school. His father said that he had a fever but Adrian believed he was lying. Adrian headed to Maggie's house to find out what had happened. As he headed towards the door, the stench of the dump overcame him and he fell to his knees. From there, he found countless bags full of the food that Gordon had brought Maggie. Adrian touched one of the cans, which started to shake and warp as though the contents were growing quickly.

Adrian scrambled backwards and his hand sunk into the earth. He pulled his arm out and shook the earthworms off. In the hole he had made he saw a mask of Gordon's face made out of paper maché. Adrian looked through one of the windows and saw Gordon sitting down with Maggie bent over him. Tiny shapes moved over Gordon's still form as Maggie placed paper mache over his face as she softly sang to him. Adrian's foot slipped, nudging a bottle which caused Adrian to flee home. 

The next day Gordon was at school and stopped delivering to Old Maggie. Later, Adrian moved away to Liverpool.

Years later Adrian went to Ipswich for work and he went into the White Hart pub. After striking up a conversation with the locals, he discovered that Maggie's Dump was still in use, but was referred to as 'Gordie's Dump' for the old recluse who lived there.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

Martin plans to fill in for Jonathan. Martin had looked up the address for Maggie's/Gordie's Dump, and found that it had been bequeathed to Gordon by Margaret "Maggie" Carnegie after her death in 1982 along with all her other belongings. Her cause of death was listed as "Unknown" but likely pneumonia, but her lungs were full of old newspaper cuttings and had insect-like-legs sprouting from her back which still moved after she died. Gordon had identified the body which went missing the next night.

Martin stops the follow up as he finds Melanie King wandering the corridors. She is looking for Jonathan, revealing that she got shot in India, and she wanted to discuss it with him. Martin explains that Jonathan is missing and that everyone thinks he murdered the old man.

Elias arrives and offers Melanie a job at the Archives as an assistant (Sasha's old job). Although the offer is sudden, Melanie accepts the position. Elias and Melanie leave to sign paper work and Martin shouts out in frustration.