Tim starts to read the statement but gets frustrated, saying the tapes are ancient and useless. As he starts to rant, Melanie comes in. Tim says that he's sorry that Melanie works for the Institute, although Melanie seems happy to have the position. Tim asks about the two Sashas, and Melanie explains that she always knew there were two different people claiming to be Sasha, although she can't quite remember what the first one looked like and doesn't understand why. Tim goes to have a lie down and Melanie takes over the recording.

Statement Begins Edit

Benjamin Hatendi was always afraid of the dark, and used to use blankets to help himself get over the fear of the blackness. As he grew older he stopped worrying.

His school friend, Robin Pattern's, mother phoned Benjamin to say she'd not heard from Robin in a month and asked if Benjamin would check on him. 

Benjamin went over to Robin's house to find all the lights off and a figure in a window. He knocked and went into the house, to find the house in a absolute mess and there was a rancid smell coming from the fridge. A calendar on the wall was pinned to January.

As Benjamin went to look for a phone he saw movement from the corner of his eye, but saw nothing. He went into Robin's bedroom after retrieving a heavy duty torch, which was a smilar mess, including a calendar marked off the 12th Feburary and the rancid smell from downstairs was stronger up here. He opened the cupboard to find the source of the smell, and a large slimey bundle slid out.

Benjamin realised that this was a dead Robin, wrapped in a blanket and covered in a thick glistening liquid, which touched Benjamin's shoe. When the police arrived they found no evidence of foul play, nor any trace of another person in the house.

The next night, Benjamin awoke at 2:40 with an intense fear of the darkness. He looked up from his bed and saw a formless shadow in the darkness. It started to slowly walk towards him in a slow undulated pulse towards the door and small feelers flicked out towards him excitedly. Benjamin pulled the blanket up over his head. After a few minutes he pulled his head over the blanket and the moment he saw the creature it started to move again. Hours passed, and each time he came out from under the covers it started to move.

When morning came, the creature had gone, leaving only a small patch of dark, foul smelling water. The next night it returned and he spent the night under the covers. For the last week and a half he's hidden under the blanket all night.

However, he started to become complacent. The night before the statement he awoke, but then started to fall back to sleep. The creature was on top of him, feelers flicking, and it said to him, in a crisp, dry voice "the blanket never did anything." It then attacked him across his back and shoulders.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

Although Benjamin said that he'd given the Institute photos, Melanie was unable to find any in the file, although his photocopied death certificate was there, with a cause of death 'unknown, possible biological agent, all samples incinerated'. It's dated as March 7th 1983, 5 days after the statement.

There are also a few newspaper cuttings about Robin, who had written a book about the best natural pools and lakes for swimming. 

With the statement is a zip-lock bag with a piece of fabric in it from bedding with dark stains on it.

Supplemental Edit

Jonathan met up with Melanie, who says that she doesn't think Jonathan is a killer. Jonathan is sorry that Melanie is tied to the Institute now. Melanie explains that she was shot by a ghost, but isn't in the mood to talk about it.

Jonathan asks Melanie to keep an eye on things at the Institute for him and asks her to help him with research. She agrees, but demands to know everything, starting with Sasha. Jonathan says "Okay" as the tape ends.