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Statement of Ross Davenport, regarding his experiences at a local gym.


Elias confronts Tim about his unauthorised absences. Tim explains that he went to Malaysia without leave, but found he was getting weak and losing himself. Tim says Elias must know about the Archives and what it does to those working for it. Elias says the best way to get through it is to get on with work.


Ross Davenport is a bodybuilder who started to take anabolic steroids. As this was against the policies of his previous gym, he decided to leave. He was keen to push his body to absolute perfection, with bulging veins which could only be achieved with frowned upon steroids.

Ross started looking for gyms that did not have any rules against steroids. He found an advert saying 'Your perfect body is here. Become all you can be'. He called the landline and asked about the policy on steroids, which was not a problem.

The next day Ross went to the gym, it did not look like much from the outside, the words 'Weights and Cardio' barely readable above the door. The reception inside was empty, but an extremely large and muscular man came in from the changing rooms, who wore gym gear that had been stitched together with a 'J' on it.

J asked Ross about his way of training, before asking why he started working out and how it made him feel. He showed Ross around the gym, which included some very old equipment. The changing rooms were normal, but had huge lockers reaching to the ceiling. Ross took locker 31. He returned to the reception and payed the fee in cash.

Ross started his workout, but the gym was totally empty. He went back several times, but he did not find anyone. Five days into his membership he met the only other member of the gym: Marie Balandin who had been visiting a sister in Glasgow. Marie said that J was Jared.

Ross kept hearing sounds from the locker room, even when Marie was not at the gym. The woman constantly pushed her body to the absolute limit.

One night, Ross realised that he had left his phone at the gym which had his training diary in it, so he decided to go back to the gym and get it. He returned and retrieved his phone and heard a noise from the gymnastics equipment. He went to investigate and turned on the light, seeing a creature with no legs, too many arms and no head. It had a smile stitched in the middle of its fleshy torso.

Ross screamed and fled through the locker room. As he ran, other creatures came out the lockers saying they would help make his body as perfect as theirs. Jared stood in the locker room, shaking his head as he said something about "too soon." They called to Ross, saying that the pain was worth it.

Ross returned home and called Marie to tell her about what had happened, but she asked questions which suggested to him that she would be interested in becoming one.


Martin said that there are no details about the name of the gym or address. The archival assistant contacted Ross, who did not wish to give any further comments.

Melanie looked into Marie, who won several IFBB competitions in 2011 and 2012. She disappeared around the time of this statement. In August 23rd 2013 she was listed as a person of interest in a series of animal mutilations in a farm 5 miles west of Aberdeen, where several sheep had their femurs removed.


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